THE CHOSEN’s Statement of Faith: ‘The Word of God Needs No Improvement’

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THE CHOSEN’s Statement of Faith: ‘The Word of God Needs No Improvement’

By Movieguide® Staff

Director and writer of THE CHOSEN recently reposted the show’s statement of faith a few weeks after the close of Season 2.

The crowd-funded project’s second season received a unique release schedule, premiering as soon as THE CHOSEN team completed each episode.

Season 2 continued the story of Jesus Christ and his ministry on earth alongside his disciples. However, as the show’s fan base grew exponentially from Season 1 to Season 2, more people criticized some of the show’s interpretations of the Bible.


Jenkins shared his heart behind the show and assured fans that his main goal is to point people to the Gospel and not act as a replacement.

“Hey, I’m Dallas Jenkins, creator of THE CHOSEN, and I wanna take a moment to address what may be the most important issue of this show for you and other viewers, and that is what is THE CHOSEN’s approach to Scripture and faith and can you trust it?” the director and writer said.

“I wanna make something very clear. THE CHOSEN is a narrative show, which means it’s not a documentary. It’s also not a church. It’s not a non-profit ministry. It’s not formally connected to a denomination or a faith tradition, and it’s absolutely not a replacement for Scripture. It’s a show,” Jenkins said, adding that they still recognize the “obligation to take this seriously. We’re talking about the Son of God here, a show inspired by holy Scripture.

“I believe the Bible is the Word of God and that it needs no improvement. And the consultants I talked to and run things by also all believe the Bible is the Word of God and needs no improvement. This show is not a replacement for Scripture. We make that very clear upfront before episode one. And when we add historical or cultural or artistic context and backstory into the show, that changes nothing about the Bible itself. The Bible is the Bible, Scripture is Scripture.”

Despite people of different backgrounds, religions, and beliefs, Jenkins assured fans that their process does not compromise the message of the scriptures.

“That’s our approach with THE CHOSEN. The content shouldn’t compromise, and the quality of the people and the work ethic of the team shouldn’t compromise, but whoever on the cast, crew, or distribution team will help us achieve that goal of delivering an uncompromised, impactful show with high quality and get it out to the most people possible regardless of their faith background or lack thereof? I’m thrilled to work with them.”

Jenkins also noted that regardless of the criticisms, he focuses on pleasing God and God alone.

“I am not trying to please or seek the approval of any one person or group, including commenters on social media or critics, and there’s been plenty,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins also encouraged fans to show compassion to other crew members involved in the show.

“So when you’re concerned that I’m working with someone or talking to someone of a different denomination or faith tradition, believe me, they’ve got people who are asking them why they’re working with me,” he explained. “But I’m okay with that. As long as I’m doing the right thing before God, I don’t mind being criticized.”

“Ultimately, the show needs to speak for itself. You should absolutely judge the show and make sure it doesn’t violate your conscience or contradict the character of Christ or the intentions of Scripture,” he continued. “I know I do. But if it passes the test and you love it, then stay focused on the content and not on the flawed people who made it, including me.”

Jonathan Roumie, who portrays Jesus, won the Grace Prize® at the Movieguide® Awards for his role.