THE GOOD COP: Funny, but Too Much Immoral Content for Younger Audiences

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THE GOOD COP: Funny, but Too Much Sexual Content for Younger Audiences

By Arielle Anderson, Contributing Writer

THE GOOD COP is a Netflix comedy series from the creator of MONK. Although the show is entertaining, there is enough questionable content that makes it inappropriate for younger audiences.

The series follows Tony and his son TJ Caruso. An unlikely pair, Tony, an ex-cop, believes that rules are meant to be bent. He just moved in with TJ while on probation. Meanwhile, TJ has become a compulsively honest detective to compensate for his father’s misdeeds and to ensure that he doesn’t follow a similar path. TJ is a bright detective who loves his work, but can’t escape the presence of his chaotic and charming father, who always seems to involve himself on TJ’s cases.

There’s some mild foul language as well as crude sexual jokes and slang used to describe sexual behavior. Characters use the Lord’s name in vain frequently and occasionally use Jesus’s name as an expletive. A rude gesture is implied once and there’s a joke about going to hell.

Sexual innuendos and jokes surface in each episode. Discussions of casual sex and relationships are common, particularly with Tony. One episode mentions sex tapes, and scantily clad women appear briefly in a sexualized party video that characters are viewing for a police case. The series shows passionate kissing and making out as well as male and female characters sleeping in the same bed. Propositioning and groping both take place at least once. One scene is set in a strip club and shows pole dancers. A man also appears in his underwear.

Violence on THE GOOD COP is present but not graphic and includes murder investigations as central plots, guns, suffocation, violent struggles, biting as a defense, domestic violence, revenge, murder plots, explosions, shootings and kidnappings. Playful threats, jokes about death, and intense arguments also occur. Dead bodies appear in the series, but like the violence, they’re not graphic.

Drugs, gambling, over-drinking, crossdressing for a disguise, a male character urinating while facing the opposite direction, smoking, bribery, cheating, and infidelity are also in THE GOOD COP. There’s a casual wedding, but the couple plans to get an annulment in two weeks.

Characters refer to God several times, although not always in an accurate sense. Tony thanks God a couple of times for some less than moral things he calls “blessings.” Tony also jokingly makes up a very unbiblical eleventh commandment and references Solomon once. Tony tries to bend morality and biblical values in his favor, while TJ seems to have more respect for them.

Both Tony and TJ bring up God as if they might believe He exists in either jokes or comments, but it doesn’t seem that either are practicing their faith. Tony goes to Catholic confession twice in the season to ask for guidance because he’s having a difficult time putting aside his own selfish desires to do the right thing, and it seems he hasn’t been to church in a long time. Apart from that, there isn’t any discussion of spirituality or worldview other than one woman’s passing comment about the mystical “third eye.”

For every rule that Tony breaks, TJ makes up for it with his strict and compulsive rule-following. Since he adopted many of his values in an attempt to counterbalance his father’s behavior, he’s as extreme as his father, but on the opposite end of the moral spectrum. Yet Tony and TJ love each other despite their differences.

TJ is a truly caring person who wants to see justice carried out the right way. While he can get on people’s nerves, everyone respects him for who he is.

THE GOOD COP is a funny and well-written buddy-cop show in the vein of PSYCH and MONK and will likely appeal to quite a few fans of either show. However, although the tone of the show is light, the show’s questionable content is not suitable for younger audiences. Movieguide® recommends that viewers exercise discretion.

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