The Return of Obscenity?

The Return of Obscenity?

R-Rated Movies Are Trying to Make a Comeback, But

They Still Don’t Make as Much Money as PG Movies

R-rated movies from Hollywood are trying to stage a comeback this year, but statistics show they still aren’t as successful as movies rated G and PG, according to a study by MOVIEGUIDE®.

For instance, although two R-rated movies have hit the Top 10 Movies at the 2017 Box Office so far, they averaged $258.78 million, but the three PG movies in the Top 10 averaged $314.01 million.

Also, if you look at all the R-rated and PG-rated movies released this year so far, PG movies have averaged $45.10 million at the box office in the United States and Canada (according to figures from The Numbers), but R-rated movies have averaged only $17.39 million.

That’s more than two and one-half times more money!

By the way, G-rated movies averaged $41.36 million.

“This has been one of the better years for R-rated movies in the last 20 years,” MOVIEGUIDE® publisher Dr. Ted Baehr said, “but moviegoers still prefer movies that are more family friendly. Even then, however, the most popular R-rated movies are those that show a hero, or group of heroes, overcoming evil.”