THE SANTA CLAUSES Shows Tim Allen’s Santa Preparing for Retirement

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THE SANTA CLAUSES Shows Tim Allen’s Santa Preparing for Retirement

By Movieguide® Contributor

Disney’s D23 event last week gave fans a look at what they can expect from the studio’s upcoming movies and shows, including the first trailer for THE SANTA CLAUSES. 

This latest installment in the SANTA CLAUSE franchise follows Scott Calvin (a.k.a. Santa Clause), played by Tim Allen, as he looks for someone to take over his holiday duties so he can enjoy some time off. 

Allen isn’t the only original cast member returning. David Krumholtz, who plays the head elf Bernard, will also appear in THE SANTA CLAUSES. 

The cast also includes Elizabeth Mitchell, Kal Penn and Eric Lloyd. Allen’s daughter, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, will also be joining the cast. 

THE SANTA CLAUSES will premiere on Disney+ on November 16. 



The first SANTA CLAUSE movie was named one of the Top 10 Movies for Families in 1994 by Movieguide®. The review reads:

It’s late Christmas Eve and up on the roof there arose such a clatter that Scott Calvin and his son Charlie awake just in time to be swept up in a magical fantasy aboard Santa’s sleigh in THE SANTA CLAUSE. Tim Allen is a divorced dad trying to salvage his relationship with his young son when he experiences an abrupt career change involving a big red suit and weight gain. If you explain to your children the difference between fantasy and the Truth, then they can enjoy this truly delightful adventure fantasy which is definitely an uplifting experience.

Ted Baehr’s discernment point: THE SANTA CLAUSE is fun, lightweight fare which does not teach magical thinking or New Age beliefs. However, Christians do not want their children confusing the Truth of Jesus Christ with the myth of Santa Claus, nor do we want Christmas held hostage by pagan mythology. Therefore, although this movie is innocuous, it is important to explain to our children the difference between fantasy, which can teach some good moral lessons, and the Truth, which sets them free from the bondage to the corruption of our age — including the inherited corruption of sin, the penultimate disease afflicting mankind. Helping our children understand the Truth, will give the discernment they need to see and enjoy THE SANTA CLAUSE without conforming to the mindset of the fallen world.

THE SANTA CLAUSE poses the question: Is there anything really wrong with little children enjoying a movie about Santa Claus? No more so than them enjoying a book about talking animals (THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA), if parents have taught them the deeper Truth of Jesus Christ.