The Skit Guys’ Faith-Based, Family-Friendly Comedy Heads to Digital/DVD Release

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The Skit Guys’ Faith-Based, Family-Friendly Comedy Heads to Digital/DVD Release

By MovieGuide® Staff

For TV personalities and Youtube sensations Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, acting and pointing people to Jesus has been a part of their lives since high school.

However, the comedic duo recently took their ministry to the big screen in what they call the first faith-based, family-friendly comedy.

“We really did try to just make the first faith-based, family-friendly comedy,” Eddie told Movieguide® in a recent interview. “Tommy and I were 80s kids. So we grew up on some movies in the 80s that were PG and they were really good PG’s. Now as as the 80s went along, there were some PG’s that that’s why PG-13 came along. But we grew up with some PG movies that were just really funny. I as a dad, I’ve taken my kids to comedies and my back sweats and tightens and I get all contorted because I have no idea what’s about to come out of someone’s mouth, even though the trailer didn’t show it. So we really were intent on that, how can we just make people laugh? and hopefully their hearts get touched and we point them to God.”

FAMILY CAMP will be available on DVD and digital release on June 28.

The actors revealed that FAMILY CAMP was in the works between just the two of them for a long time before they presented the idea to the people who could help their dream come true.

“For several years now there’s been the dream to make a movie,” Tommy explained. “We make three to four minute short films that churches use around the world and what we did was we kind of transformed our little set to go ‘okay, if one day we get to make a movie, what will it be like?’ So in the process, we’ve spent several years acting as if it was going to happen.”

“Then when it did happen, I would love to say we were totally prepared,” he joked. “I would say when it happened, it was like ‘oh my goodness, I didn’t know it could be this huge. I didn’t know it could be this fun.’ Like it was the greatest experience.”

But beyond their message of laughter, Tommy and Eddie said that they hope their comedy opens a door for people to explore the truth of God’s message.

“We believe that humor breaks down walls for the truth to enter,” Tommy explained. “So if you get them to laugh, you can get them to listen, and then you have to have something good to say. So we worked really hard to make sure that you don’t just have like two guys and a message. There [are] messages for dads, there’s messages for moms, and for kids. But they’re not preaching.”

“We want to use humor, heart and Him and the ‘Him’ being God,” he added. “So with the movie, you’ve got all three of those things and then we added in hope, because we feel like the family just needs hope today after the two years that we’ve been through the challenges and everything. The family desperately needs help and that’s the goal for this movie.”

Tommy said that unbelieving cast and crew members see the role faith plays in their careers on set through times of prayer.

“For years, our sets have had crew members and even actors that didn’t know the Lord,” Tommy recalled. “We see that our ministry is to the church very much so, but it extends way beyond that. It was so great to be able to share with the entire crew, those who are believers and those who weren’t that this isn’t just a movie that happened, but that this is a part of God’s plan, that there’s a bigger picture.”

Eddie added that FAMILY CAMP is not only for Christian families but can be enjoyed by unbelievers too.

“We are for the believers,” Eddie said. “We want to encourage them, empower them, but we do want to give hope to that unbeliever that goes, ‘can I say yes to this? Am I included? Am I enough in this?’ So that always stays on our horizons as we create things.”

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