The Stars of DATE NIGHT Discuss Their Own Date Nights

By Tom Snyder, Editor

Tina Fey and Steve Carell, the stars of the new comedy from 20th Century Fox, DATE NIGHT, which opens Friday, talked about their own date nights with their spouses recently.

Steve said that his children are often the topic of conversation on the date nights between he and his wife, Nancy.

“Generally, our best date nights are very, very simple,” he said. “And, we spend a good deal of them talking about our children anyway. So, there is no escape.”

“Yeah, there is none,” Tina quipped.

Tina added that she and her husband, Jeff, go out together maybe about once a month.

“It’s a massive effort to get a babysitter,” she noted. “And, if we get more than 10 blocks from our house, it’s a miracle, and I’m exhausted!”

Steve said, “We are always happy when we get invited to an award show. Because that’s it! That’s our excuse to get dressed up and go out somewhere.

“Even on those nights,” he added, “we are generally back by about 10. As most people with kids know, you pay for it. If you really go out late and whoop it up, the kids are up at 5:30 the next day, and so are you. So, that kind of determines how crazy our date nights get.”

Both Tina and Steve, and the movie’s director Shawn Levy (the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM movies and CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN), said, that, although DATE NIGHT does have many funny ad libs in it, they first shot the script as is before they started doing any improvisation.

“We would always do the script as written,” Steve said, “because it was very strong and it didn’t need to be changed. Once we had it to our satisfaction, then we’d open it up and play around.”

“We spent close to a year with the script,” Shawn added. “Then Steve and Tina would give their input and I would go back, and we would work the script more. So, by the time we shot, we had a script that we had all lived with for close to a year.”

Tina said she had a lot of fun doing the movie’s comical action scenes.

“All the action stuff was really fun to do,” she said. “It was pretty cool.”

She said making one movie every two years is about all she can handle right now, what with her involvement as the writer and star of the NBC show 30 ROCK.

“I look forward to writing movies again. . . but to be in movies, I am just going to take it as it comes.”

“I am always just happy to be employed,” quipped Steve, star of THE OFFICE, the show that precedes 30 ROCK on Thursday nights.

DATE NIGHT is a comedy designed for older viewers, because of some light and strong foul language, off-color humor, and a drug reference.

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