THE VOICE Winner Jordan Smith Releases Christian Single, Announces Full Album to Glorify God

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THE VOICE Winner Jordan Smith Releases Christian Single, Announces Full Album to Glorify God

By Movieguide® Staff

In 2015, Jordan Smith won season 9 of NBC’s THE VOICE and has since grown to become the best-selling artist in the show’s history.

However, fans who watched Smith’s original audition on THE VOICE, where he wowed judges with his rendition of “Chandelier,” will remember his singing roots began in the church of his hometown, in rural Kentucky. Recently, the pop singer announced his first Christian single and hopes to release a full album to honor God.

“It’s really special for me to take this moment and say back to the Lord, let everything I am declare your glory, to help tell your story, the story of your Gospel. Let everything I am point the world back to you,” Smith told The Christian Post.

The song is called “Great You Are” and is Smith’s first explicitly Christian song which he co-wrote with Jeff Sojka and Matt Armstrong.

“When we wrote this song … I knew it was special. But I didn’t take a moment and stop and think about how special it was for me as an artist and the journey that I’ve been on since ‘The Voice,'” Smith said, adding later: “It’s really special for me to be able to have the moment to return my gift to the Lord and to point the glory back to Him. We are all just that; we’re just reflections of God’s love to the world.”

“The song itself just says, ‘Everything I am I lay it down here at your feet, and I’m returning this to you,'” he added.

Smith has written pop music, Christmas music, worked with world-class producers, and now says he is lending his gift back to God.

Smith revealed that he wrote the song before COVID-19, but now he wants it to help people deal with their anxiety.

“The last year, year-and-a-half, it’s been so easy to be distracted by the waves, by the things that are going on, by the political climate. It’s just easy to get sucked in and become so fearful and worried,” Smith said. “Anxiety is at an all-time high. Even in my own life, I find myself feeling anxious and concerned about things that are happening. I’m feeling a bit out of control because I don’t have control over everything that’s going on. I’m kind of a control freak, so that’s an issue for me.

“But just in that time of feeling out of control and feeling anxious and feeling worried about all of this — that’s coming at us constantly — I think it’s so important to slow down for a moment and say, ‘Wait, I can experience heartbreak, I can experience failure, I can experience bad things. I can experience blessing and success and good things. Yet all of it fits into God’s plan, and all of it is in His hands. It doesn’t change who He is,” Smith continued.

Smith also encouraged listeners to take a moment and reflect on God and the blessings He provides.

“He’s always faithful, He’s constant, He’s good, and He loves us unconditionally,” Smith stated. “It’s important to stop and remind ourselves of just how good He is and how faithful He is in our lives. Whenever we lay down all of those heartbreaks, all of those trials, all of those, even blessings, down to Him, it’s just refreshing. It brings new life to our spirit, and I hope that that’s what the song can do for people.”

Smith said that God has used his time in the “secular” music market to build connections and that “Great You Are” is an opportunity to share the Gospel.

“I have constantly tried to create moments in music where people can experience the Holy Spirit, and the closeness of God, even if maybe they don’t know that’s what they’re feeling,” Smith said.

“Maybe if they’ve never felt that feeling before, and they just say, ‘Oh, I feel that something in my chest pulling at my heart whenever you sing.’ Now I get the opportunity with a song like ‘Great You Are’ to just openly tell them. ‘Hey, that feeling in your chest, that thing that you experience sometimes when you hear a song that moves you, or you hear someone say something that your spirit connects with, that’s the Holy Spirit, and He’s reaching out to you, and He loves you.’

“I just want people to feel that I know the power of the feeling of the Holy Spirit whenever God is at work in your life, and He reminds you that He loves you, and He wants the best for you. I want as many people as possible to be able to experience that feeling and that connection with Him,” Smith continued.

In Smith’s success, he notes that his relationship with God has always been a priority.

“My entire life changed really quite literally overnight. That caused me to really have to lean in and lean on the Lord, because in myself, you don’t know how to handle that. You don’t know how to handle the attention, you don’t know how to handle the opportunity, you don’t know how to handle the platform,” Smith confessed. “It really enhanced my prayer life and my trust in the Lord because I had to lean on him and not my understanding. I had to lean into His peace, and I had to lean into praying for His will in my life and using His wisdom.”

Smith also shared plans for an upcoming full-length album centered on Christ.

“I have a lot of new songs. I have a whole project that’s pretty much ready to go, and this is just the first of many,” Smith said. “So I’m really looking forward to continuing in the same direction as ‘Great You Are’ with a full project and getting that to you very soon.”



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