Thou Shalt Not Occupy

By David Outten, Production Editor

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES brilliantly exposes the Occupy Movement for what it is. Class warfare instigated by a bitter few that would result in horrible excesses and misery for all. The scenes in this movie where the rich are ushered into a mock courtroom with a single red velvet dinner chair placed in front of a “judge” seated high above them and flanked by “the people” chanting for their death is clearly a reminder of the very real French Revolution and the just-as-real Russian Revolution.

Equally classic is the way the DARK KNIGHT’s tribunal turns on one of its early leaders of the revolution. This former businessman is accused of nothing much more than having been a businessman (an “oppressor”). He’s given the choice of “exile” or death (exile being a walk at gunpoint across a barely frozen river). In the classic movie DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, the brutal revolutionary Strelnikov is himself hunted down and killed when he falls from the grace of the Soviet tribunals.

Class warfare can be a brutal and horrendously ugly. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES lays it bare in all its sinister ugliness. The wealthy Bruce Wayne repeatedly risks his life, not to oppress the poor, but to free all of Gotham City from the tyranny of the “revolution.”

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has many parallels to the Charles Dickens classic A TALE OF TWO CITIES, including reading the great final speech at the end of the book. This book directly deals with the horrors of the French Revolution. In the lunacy of mob rule, noble sacrifices are made by those who reject the tyranny.

In another stunning scene in the new movie, the poor have occupied the home of someone wealthy and trashed it. The formerly beauty home looks rapidly on its way to becoming a slum. A character at the scene asks, “Isn’t this what you wanted? It belongs to the people now?”

A similarly haunting scene in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO features Zhivago returning with some wood to try to keep a single room of his former mansion warm for his children. The rest of his house now holds many people sharing in misery. He’s informed that taking wood from a fence to keep his family warm is counter-revolutionary and could result in severe punishment.

Yes, America has some very wealthy people, but class warfare is not the answer. If the rich are killed for having been rich, all you’ll have left is poverty. America has drawn immigrants from around the world, and continues to do so, because people can get ahead in life armed with only a good idea and hard work. This leads to greater employment, greater income, greater consumer spending, and even more opportunity.

The Berlin Wall wasn’t built to keep capitalists from flocking to communist countries. It was built to stop the poor people in socialist societies from escaping to capitalist countries.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is not likely to be popular in the tents of the Occupy Movement. It could be wildly popular, however, with the freedom-loving working people of America, rich and poor.

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