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Too Much Screen Time Causes Psych Problems in Your Child

Yet another study has confirmed the dangers of spending too much time consuming the mass media.

Watching television, playing computer/video games and browsing the Internet for more than two hours a day is dangerous to your child’s mental and emotional health, a new study from the University of Bristol in England finds.

Children who spend too much time with such electronic media say they have trouble relating to their friends and peer groups. They also have feelings of being unhappy, down-hearted, tearful, and/or lonely.

Study researcher Angie S, Page, Ph.D., of the University of Bristol said, “Watching TV or playing computer games for more than two hours a day is related to greater psychological difficulties, irrespective of how active children are.”

The study involved 1,013 children age 10-11.

– Source: WebMD, 10/11/10.