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TROLLS BAND TOGETHER Focuses on Family, Friendship

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TROLLS BAND TOGETHER Focuses on Family, Friendship

By Movieguide® Contributor

TROLLS BAND TOGETHER director Walt Dohrn recently spoke with Movieguide® about the uplifting, family-focused themes in his latest movie.

“[Family is] a big part of what the movie is,” he began. “I mean it’s definitely fun and exciting and you laugh, and you dance, but underneath it, it’s these big ideas, and I think family is one of them.”

Dohrn didn’t shy away from the difficult parts of family relationships, though.

“We really get to explore that being in a family is hard. That’s a hard thing to do, it’s not easy all the time. And I especially like that Poppy, who at the time doesn’t think she has any siblings, thinks if she did, it would be perfect, everything would be great…and she learns that it isn’t. But as long as you’re together, you’ll be okay,” he explained.

Movieguide® host Evy Carroll asked about the “miracle” the characters needed to get their band back together.  

“The miracle is being able to kind of see past their differences, right? They all kind of broke up and went their own ways, and they never really talked about it. So by getting the band back together, driven by Poppy and Branch, they’re able to kind of see past their differences, sing together again, create this perfect family harmony that’s not perfect, that’s the whole point there’s no such thing as perfect. But just by singing together, they’re able to save their brother,” Dohrn explained.  

Dohrn also shared that Justin Timberlake’s band, NSYNC, got back together specifically for the movie.

“It felt really natural, really organic, I think for them to get together through a TROLLS movie,” he explained. “You know, Justin’s been such a huge part of this franchise. He’s our executive music producer…he’s really evolved Branch. He comes up with so many jokes, and it was his idea to bring NSYNC back in the form of this movie movie, so we just we all feel so grateful. We’re going to have the best family reunion.”

TROLLS BAND TOGETHER hit theaters on Friday, Nov. 17. It stars Timberlake as Branch and Anna Kendrick as Poppy.

TROLLS BAND TOGETHER earned a +2 content rating. Part of Movieguide®’s review reads:

TROLLS BAND TOGETHER opens with Queen Poppy finding out that her boyfriend, Branch, was once part of the boy band BroZone with his four brothers, Floyd, John Dory, Spruce, and Clay. Now, years later, two pop singers named Velvet and Veneer who can’t sing have kidnapped Floyd. They have trapped Floyd in a diamond prison that allows them to sap his talent, almost killing him. Branch and Poppy embark on a quest to reunite the four brothers to rescue Floyd. Each brother is involved in a fantastic situation, and each step along the journey involves great songs, many of which are famous.

TROLLS BAND TOGETHER has great music, great character arcs, an impressive amount of love and humor, and a moral theme of not letting anyone steal your talent. The movie also has a heartwarming theme about loving your family. There is a caution for younger children, because there are some scary scenes as well as the death and resurrection of one character, but for children starting at age eight or older, the movie is an absolute delight, and highly recommended.

Check out the rest of Movieguide®’s interview below:

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