Universal Cancels Movie About Liberals Hunting ‘Deplorables’?

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Universal Cancels Movie About Liberals Hunting ‘Deplorables’?

Universal Pictures cancelled the release of the movie called THE HUNT which had received much criticism because it depicts a group of rich globalist elites kidnapping white Red State Trump supporters and pro-life individuals and hunting them down for sport.

According to the Hollywood Reporter and the Epoch Times, the movie features Blue State characters hunting down “Red State characters who expressed pro-life positions or were deemed racist.” “Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables,” one character reportedly says in the script.

Originally titled RED STATE VS BLUE STATE, the movie is loosely based on the acclaimed 1924 short story by Richard Connell about an aristocratic Russian big-game hunter on an isolated island hunting down a British big-game hunter who falls off a yacht, a story that’s been adapted, rewritten and spoofed by countless movies and television programs, from THE SIMPSONS to CRIMINAL MINDS.

One trailer for THE HUNT suggested the hero of the new movie was a young Southern woman who’s trying to survive the “Hunt,” but that doesn’t excuse Universal from releasing a violent R-rated movie where members of one political group tries to kill members of another political group.

What if the movie showed a group of rich Muslims hunting down Christians and Jews?

MOVIEGUIDE® applauds Universal for canceling this movie’s release. Readers can write to Universal Pictures at the following address:

Brian L. Roberts, Chairman/CEO/President, Comcast Corp.

Stephen Burke, CEO, NBC Universal (a subsidiary of Comcast)

Diana Langley, Chairman, Universal Filmed Entertainment Group

Universal Pictures

100 Universal City Plaza

Universal City, CA  91608-1085

Sources:  The Wrap, 08/10/19, Hollywood Reporter, 08/06/19, and The Epoch Times, 08/09/19.


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