UpTV Founder Wants Network to ‘Stimulate the Heart’

Photo courtesy of UPtv

UpTV Founder Wants Network to ‘Stimulate the Heart’

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

“We were founded with a purpose in mind, our purpose was ‘to inspire hearts to be better,’” says Charles Humbard, founder of inspirational network UPtv. “Everything we do stems from that and that’s not necessarily a religious statement or a Christian statement but [it can] inspire Christian themes around that.”

The purpose-driven network head recently spoke to Movieguide® about his mission-oriented strategy behind UPtv. Although not specifically labeled as Christian, the network takes the charge to honor noteworthy stories that counter the darker options very seriously.

“Everybody in God’s Kingdom has different roles that they play; ours is to tell stories based on Christian and good family values and tell them in a way that’s entertaining, really authentic and compelling,” Humbard says.

“It’s important that we help our audience as a network speak to your heart, not your head. We want to stimulate the heart.”

As a longtime entertainment connoisseur, Humbard says he is aware that sometimes family-friendly and faith-based content options are bleak.

“There’s so much darkness in the landscape, it’s really a wonderful time… [we] champion Christian values, and we do that through good storytelling.”

One of the network’s most popular series is the family-centric series HEARTLAND. Now in its 12th season, Humbard says the show offers a unique set of values contrary to most of today’s mainstream content.

“HEARTLAND is a great family-based show… There’s really no moments of preaching or Christianity that’s outright, it’s really in the message of how people treat each other.”

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In addition to HEARTLAND, UPtv offers a variety of other programming, including unscripted shows.

In the summer 2018, Movieguide ® had the privilege of attending the series premiere of UPtv’s original docuseries called OUR WEDDING STORY.

Season 2 of OUR WEDDING STORY premiered on July 11.

“It really is their love story on which we focus and on their loved ones around them. It’s one of the things we like to celebrate at up [it’s] life’s biggest moments. It takes the viewer right on through the actual ceremony,” Humbard says.

Photo courtesy of UPtv

Humbard hopes that UPtv can be a place where all types of people come to see the value in heart-warming and enjoyable content options.

“It’s important for us as a brand to hold that that’s in our storytelling,” Humbard says.

“If you’re going to reach the masses with the right message, you can’t just appeal to your tribe. You have to make things that appeal to the masses do it in a very authentic way that’s highly relatable to a broader audience.

“It’s a really fabulous combination to get both people of faith to watch your network and love your brand, but also people that are not necessarily Christians to see your brand and something different in it. For me, that’s the ministry part of it,” Humbard says.

Humbard says that while Gospel values may be present in his network’s content, they may not always be obvious.

“There are sometimes when we’re more forward about it, and there are times when we’re less forward about it, but it’ll always be there,” Humbard says.

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