WAR ROOM Actor T.C. Stallings Asks a Truly Life-Altering and Convicting Question

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WAR ROOM Actor T.C. Stallings Asks a Truly Life-Altering and Convicting Question

By Billy Hallowell, Contributing Writer


Actor T.C. Stallings began his brand new podcast with an introspective and convicting question: “If you found out today that you only have 30 days left to live…what would you do?”

Stallings, star of WAR ROOM, GOD’S COMPASS and upcoming drama, MY BROTHER’S KEEPER, questioned how this shocking hypothetical consideration holds the power to transform lives.

“Would your goals change, your desires, your pursuits?” he questioned. “If you’re thinking about that and you’re saying to yourself, ‘I would change a lot,’ … I’m going to challenge you to rethink your perspective right now.”

Listen to the first episode of Stallings’ new podcast, “TCS Live With T.C. Stallings”:

The actor, who has made a name for himself on the big screen, has officially launched “TCS Live” — a weekly show that explores today’s issues through a biblical lens.

Stallings will challenge listeners each week to apply the principles of scripture within every aspect of their lives, share personal anecdotes — and encourage listeners to discover the incredible path God has for them.

“Either by death or by Christ coming back, your life could … end at any moment,” he proclaimed in his premiere episode. “You don’t know when your time is up.”

Stallings encouraged listeners to consider how they are spending their time and if their life is out of balance — and, if it is, to start doing things differently by keeping the prime focus on Christ.

“I started the podcast because I knew it would be another way to get into as many people’s lives as possible,” Stallings passionately said. “I want to make disciples. I want to fight back against false teachings. I want to be a reliable voice.”

Promising listeners a show that encourages humility, repentance and living for Jesus, Stallings offered a challenge to truly live the Christian life.

“I’m challenging you to prioritize your life,” he said. “Trade in your will for God’s will.”

Listen to “TCS Live” today on The Edifi Podcast Network.