WATCH: HEARTLAND Returns to UP Faith and Family For 15th Season

Photo courtesy of Heartland on CBC/Facebook

WATCH: HEARTLAND Returns to UP Faith and Family For 15th Season

By Movieguide® Contributor

Season 15 of HEARTLAND will be here before you know it! The Canadian drama will hit UP Faith and Family on March 17th. 

The show, which was the fifth most-streamed series of 2021, also released a teaser trailer, showing fans what they can expect from their favorite characters. 

“The fandom around HEARTLAND is remarkable,” said Angela Cannon, vice president and channel manager, UP Faith & Family, in a statement. “Fans know that UP Faith & Family is truly the U.S. home for all things HEARTLAND, and it is an honor and privilege to bring Heartlandviewers the newest seasons of this fan-favorite series months before anyone else.”

“Subscribers to the service get the insiders VIP access to never-before-seen bonus content, produced exclusively for UP Faith & Family,” she continued. “There is no doubt season 15 is going to be another exciting and highly emotional season. Being the 5th most streamed show for 2021, viewers will not be disappointed.”

UPtv promotes wholesome television and movies that are safe for children and adults alike.

Movieguide® previously reported on the inspirational network:

“We were founded with a purpose in mind, our purpose was ‘to inspire hearts to be better,’” says Charles Humbard, founder of inspirational network UPtv. “Everything we do stems from that and that’s not necessarily a religious statement or a Christian statement but [it can] inspire Christian themes around that.”

The purpose-driven network head recently spoke to Movieguide® about his mission-oriented strategy behind UPtv. Although not specifically labeled as Christian, the network takes the charge to honor noteworthy stories that counter the darker options very seriously.

“Everybody in God’s Kingdom has different roles that they play; ours is to tell stories based on Christian and good family values and tell them in a way that’s entertaining, really authentic and compelling,” Humbard says.

“It’s important that we help our audience as a network speak to your heart, not your head. We want to stimulate the heart.”

As a longtime entertainment connoisseur, Humbard says he is aware that sometimes family-friendly and faith-based content options are bleak.

“There’s so much darkness in the landscape, it’s really a wonderful time… [we] champion Christian values, and we do that through good storytelling.”

HEARTLAND has also been recognized by Movieguide® for their work. The “Dare to Dream” episode was nominated for the Movieguide® Faith and Freedom Award. 

Watch the HEARTLAND Season 15 trailer here:


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