Wealthy Filmmaker Says Socialism Should Replace Capitalism

Joss Whedon, the wealthy director behind the recent smash hit MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS, recently said socialism should replace capitalism.

“We are watching capitalism destroy itself right now,” adding that America is transforming into a Tsarist Russia, and “creating a country of serfs,” making it difficult for the average person to succeed. Yet, Whedon’s solution seems to be to implement more government programs, control and interference.

The multimillionaire went on to state how he wishes to “champion the working class” and give voice to the helpless. However, while attempting to distance himself from both systems, the solutions he advocated clearly fall in line with the overall socialist plan.

These statements may be a surprise to those who see how Whedon himself has seen so much success, based on personal merit and the principles of capitalism, yet those who know him are well aware of his strong liberal tendencies. However, many of the characters in his movies, such as IRON MAN’s Tony Stark, have a strong belief in the free market.

It is tedious, self-contradictory and annoying for the rich elites in Hollywood to attack the free market system that has given them so much power and great financial success. Yet, these hypocrites are the first to send their movie and television productions out of California because of the high tax rates there.

By the way, Whedon has donated over $100,000 to the Democratic National Committee and the Obama campaigns over the last four years.

– Source:  HollywoodRepublican.net, 07/16/12.

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