What to Catch on Netflix Before It’s Gone in the New Year


What to Catch on Netflix Before It’s Gone in the New Year




+4 Content, **** Quality.  DUCK DYNASTY has become a Cable TV and ratings phenomenon. It’s a comical show about a family in the bayou country of Louisiana outside Monroe. The family runs a couple multi-million dollar hunting companies called Duck Commander and Buck Commander. The patriarch and matriarch of the family are the Rev. Phil Robertson and his wife, Kay. Their son, Willie, runs their two companies, while Willie’s two other brothers, Jase and Jep, work in the company and its very relaxed atmosphere. Then, for comic relief, there’s Phil’s younger brother, Si, a Vietnam veteran with a goofy temperament hiding a witty, serious and loyal character. All the men are bearded, except for the eldest brother, Alan, who’s a pastor but seldom appears on the show.


2. THE PATRIOT (2000)

-2 Content, **** Quality. THE PATRIOT stars Mel Gibson as a family man who wrestles with his desire for revenge and the just cause of the American War for Independence in the late 1700s. The violent battle scenes may concern older moviegoers, while younger moviegoers might chafe at the soul-searching, but at the heart of this movie is faith.


3. ROCKY BALBOA (2006)

-1 Content, **** Quality. An unexpectedly great movie, ROCKY BALBOA, the sixth in the Rocky series, is filled with grace, perseverance, courage, and compassion as Rocky is drawn into a live match inspired by a computer simulation. This one belongs in the record books because the few objectionable words and boxing violence are far outweighed by Rocky’s wonderful moral, faith-oriented message.

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