What to Expect From This Year’s Super Bowl Ads

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What to Expect From This Year’s Super Bowl Ads

By Movieguide® Contributor

Fox revealed that they have sold all of their Super Bowl ad spots for the Feb. 12 game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fox began selling ad spots for this year’s Super Bowl back in fall of 2021.

Thirty-second time slots began selling for more than $6 million. This bold approach paid off as time slots sold quickly despite their high cost, and much of the inventory was sold by summer 2022.

However, sales slowed as the economy declined, and many companies, including cryptocurrency groups, looked to renegotiate prices or sell spots that they had already bought.

While cryptocurrency exchanges ran many Super Bowl ads last year, the implosion of FTX brought all cryptocurrency companies under scrutiny and ate into profits, forcing many to give up their ad slots.

Other companies were hesitant to jump into these newly opened slots as the economy remained unpredictable.

“We were having conversations with marketers at an uncertain time,” said Mark Evans, executive vice president of sales at Fox Sports. “We want to be there. We plan to be there. We need to be there. Let’s have another inflation report. Let’s have another earnings report.”

Eventually, ad slots began selling again. Advertisers who already had a slot in the Super Bowl began buying up multiple 30-second time slots, or expanded their time slots from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Additionally, companies that had never advertised at the Super Bowl before began looking into buying slots.

Viewers can expect multiple beer ads as Anheuser-Busch InBev gave up its long-held Super Bowl exclusivity rights, allowing rivals like Molson Coors to vie for ad space.

Sports betting companies will also have a strong presence, including a live commercial from sports gambling company FanDuel, which will feature Patriots legend, Rob Gronkowski.

Christianity will have a moment in the spotlight through the “He Gets Us” ads. These ads are part of a three-year, billion-dollar plan to reintroduce people back to Jesus, Christianity Today reports.

Although the “He Gets Us” ads have garnered skepticism from some Christians for not being clear enough about Jesus’ divine nature, it is still encouraging to see light being shown in an area where it so often is not.

While the ad slots for the Super Bowl itself are sold out, Fox still has openings in their pregame and post-game time slots.

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