What Will ‘Carl’s Date’ Bring to Viewers in the Upcoming Entry of DUG DAYS?

What Will ‘Carl’s Date’ Bring to Viewers in the Upcoming Entry of DUG DAYS? 

By Allen Rushing

A new entry in Disney’s series of shorts, “Dug Days,” set in the world of Pixar’s award winning film, UP, is slated to hit Disney+ for streaming on February 10. 

As Sabienna Bowman reported for Popsugar on January 30, 2023: 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Carl from “Up” is trying his hand at modern dating in the upcoming Disney+ short film “Dug Days: Carl’s Date,” premiering on the streamer on Feb. 10. The short, which is part of the “Dug Days” animated series, will find Carl going on his first date since the death of his beloved wife, Ellie. 

It is unclear at this time in what direction the new short will take its beloved characters. Ed Asner, the voice of Carl, died in August 2021

Some fans of UP wonder what Carl’s date will mean for the character regarding his eternal bond with Ellie. Will it be a humorous and uplifting entry in keeping with the show’s track record so far? Will it be a tear-jerking entry, reminiscent of the opening minutes of UP? Will it be totally different? Fans will find out soon.  

Reporting on the series’ shorts so far, Movieguide® has praised the project’s execution: “DUG DAYS is delightful, funny, heartfelt, and meaningful. The scripts are well-written, and the camera work and animation are impeccable. Even better, almost every episode has some positive lesson to learn.”  

In a time when a return to the world of UP is ever more appealing to families seeking wholesome entertainment, and as so many look forward to February 10th’s upcoming short, it is to be hoped that this entry in a so far overwhelmingly positive series will continue in the faithful, fun loving, and family-friendly steps it has taken to this point. 

Movieguide®’s review of the MGA-winning UP reads:

UP, the fun-filled, exciting animated feature from Pixar and Disney, is about 78-year-old Carl, who decides to fulfill his wife’s lifelong dream to go to Paradise Falls in the remote Venezuelan jungle plateau when the government wants him to vacate his home. He turns his house into a blimp with hundreds of helium-filled balloons. In the air, Carl is surprised by a fellow traveler – young Russell, an exuberant boy scout who wants to get his final scouting badge, for assisting the elderly. Carl tries to drop Russell back on the ground, but Providence intervenes. They are whisked away to Paradise Falls, where they find the adventure of a lifetime. They also may just lose their old lives!

UP is terrific! It’s full of crazy hilarity, hairbreadth escapes, enchanting characters, thrilling suspense, brilliant wit, and incredibly touching, poignant moments. There’s a floating house, a giant bird that craves chocolate, a villain who’ll stop at nothing, exciting chase scenes, and a snarling pack of talking dogs! UP is one of the funniest, emotional animated movies ever. Best of all, it’s another heartfelt, family-friendly animated classic from the wonderful team at Pixar and Disney.


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