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Who’s Afraid of Jesus?

If you click through the channels on the major networks this Christmas season or even spend a lot of money going to the movies, you will discover that Hollywood and the news outlets seem to be afraid of Jesus.


According to a recent study, there were 527 stories about Christmas on the evening news of ABC, CBS, and NBC. Out of those 527, how many mentioned the birth of Jesus as the aired news stories about CHRISTmas?


Only seven mentioned Jesus. For those slow in math, that’s only 1.3% of the stories.


What’s James Cameron’s new movie? Or who will Tom Hanks play next? Will they be about Jesus or characters that profess the name of Jesus? No. Even though big budget movies such as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST as well as smaller independent movies like FIREPROOF prove there’s success to be had with Christian themed movies, the A-list directors and actors fail to mention the name of Jesus.


Perhaps Hollywood thinks that if you ignore someone they will go away. When it comes to Jesus, over 2,000 years of history proves them wrong.