Why Are Entertainment Awards Shows Descending into a Scatological Abyss?


Why Are Entertainment Awards Shows Descending into a Scatological Abyss?

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

MOVIEGUIDE® detailed Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry shows year after year that people want movies that they can take their children to see and television they can watch with their children, because those movies and television programs are devoid of sex, violence, immorality, and political propaganda.

Thus, the entertainment industry can’t survive without reaching the vast audience of Americans who want the True, the Good and the Beautiful, and especially the over 130 million people who go to church every week who want entertainment with faith and biblical values.

In spite of the evidence, Hollywood awards shows seem to be getting more nihilistic, obscene, perverse, and scatological, except for the Annual Faith & Values MOVIEGUIDE® Awards Gala. 

The MOVIEGUIDE® staff has had the chance to attend two other awards shows recently. Both had awards for child actors, and, even with these precious children in the audience, the presenters, the honorees and the hosts descended into sophomoric, small-minded, foul-mouthed, obscenity and vulgarity.


Amy Schumer in one awards show talked in vivid terms about her private parts and wanting to have oral sex with one of the women in the audience. Judd Apatow, who introduced her, forcefully told everybody to “f” themselves and said he’s enjoying going to Hell if there is such a place.

The producers of THE BIG SHORT, which could be titled THE BIG LIE, grabbed their star, Christian Bale, and forcefully kissed him on the lips before he got on stage.

Another star known for his drug consumption talked about: his partner; condemned white men for controlling the world for too long; rejoiced that reverse racism has triumphed; and, said he previously just wanted to be equal to heterosexuals, but that now he knows his “different is better.”

My heart goes out to each and every one of these people, although the show producers and the network should have shown more responsibility because these people influence susceptible youths and perhaps even adults.

Beyond the awards shows, the attitude of these well-known entertainment industry folk shows an ignorance of history and a perverse desire for cultural suicide. Their advocacy of abortion has killed some of the best and the brightest: 50 to 70 million babies, many of whom would have been a new audience for movies and television programs and many of whom would have made a difference in society through their contributions to art, science, literature, and the entertainment industry. The cultural suicide is manifest in rampant sexual, dead-end perversity, which is so self-centered that it has cut off its own future, that is, the children and grandchildren who are a reward from the LORD and make life worth living.

What is amazing about these awards programs is the number of people willing to go along with ugly, obscene comments and behavior.

That said, there were people in the audience of Christian faith and values, who asked for prayer for their associates and friends and who were disturbed by the deconstruction of human virtue on display.

To return to the major theme, these people need to be set free from the bondage to their predilections which tie them down like Gulliver to their own destruction. Once I was on that side of the equation. I am grateful people cared enough to tell me the truth that set me free from a very similar attitude to those expressed at these awards ceremonies.

Finally, please pray that we can open the door into the hearts and minds of these talented individuals so they can see that there is a way out of their solipsism into the freedom of really being better by: caring for the future, loving their neighbor and exhibiting true virtue that liberates us from the demonic bondage of our age.