Why Candace Cameron Bure Felt ‘Sick’ to Her ‘Stomach’ While Filming Recent Hallmark Movie

Photo from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram

Why Candace Cameron Bure Felt ‘Sick’ to Her ‘Stomach’ While Filming Her Recent Hallmark Movie

By Movieguide® Staff

Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure opened up recently about the pressures of acting in the top-performing movies on the channel. 

Bure, 44, revealed that her anxiety resulted in her reflecting on the motivation behind her wildly successful Hallmark career. 

“I worry all the time about my movies,” Bure revealed while on “The Call to Mastery with Jordan Raynor.” “I actually got sick to my stomach on this last Christmas movie that aired in November because I’ve created an anxiety for myself because my movies have been the top-performing movie seven years in a row, and you know, one day you’re going to slide off that pedestal.

“And so every year, it kind of makes me sicker and sicker every time I have a movie to come out because I’m like, ‘Is this going to be the year? Is this it?'” Bure continued. “And I had to have a come to Jesus moment with myself in 2020 because I thought, ‘Why are you doing this?’ Meaning, why are you making the movies? I had to bring it back to my why, my why that I set 12 years ago, coming back to the industry.”

Bure, an outspoken Christian who constantly encourages fans to find peace in the truth of God’s word, said that she reminds herself that her worth “is not ultimately in how a book or movie performs.”

“I had to remind myself of my why and then let it go and just say, ‘You know what, it doesn’t matter what those ratings are,'” Bure said.

Bure’s latest project with Hallmark was 2020’s Christmas flick IF I ONLY HAD CHRISTMAS. Bure is also set to star as one of her favorite characters, Aurora Teagarden, in AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERIES: HOW TO CON A CON expected in 2021. 

Movieguide® also previously reported on Bure’s success with writing devotionals to encourage people to read their Bible:

Outspoken Christian and actress Candace Cameron Bure recently discussed her upcoming book, “Radical Kindness: Jesus Every Day Devotional Guide.”

“What if reading the Bible wasn’t overwhelming but life-changing? This easyto-read, beautifully designed reflection guide series by Candace Cameron Bure removes the intimidation of Bible study and helps you reflect on the Bible’s life-changing principles. In this devotional guide, you’ll find 24 sessions with meaningful Bible verses and four easy-to-answer questions that will motivate you to courageously live out your faith by following Jesus’ example of showing kindness,” the Google Reads synopsis states.

The former FULL HOUSE star is no stranger to sharing how her daily walk as a Christian in Hollywood affects every area of her life.

The release comes just months after Bure sold out her “One Step Closer” Bible on Amazon.