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Why Fox News’ 25th Anniversary Has A Special Place in Anchor Shannon Bream’s Heart

Photo from Shannon Bream’s Instagram

Why Fox News’ 25th Anniversary Has A Special Place in Anchor Shannon Bream’s Heart

By Movieguide® Staff

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream revealed that the channel’s celebration of its 25th anniversary on Oct. 7 holds a special place in her heart.

The FOX NEWS @ NIGHT anchor recalled that her late father, Ed DePuy, shared the same birthday as the television network.

“When Fox News Channel came onto the scene, he felt like for the first time there was a news outlet that heard him, a middle-class American that served in the military and on the police force,” Bream said. “He felt Fox was a place that gave voice across the spectrum.”

The Florida native said that while she always wanted to engage in the world’s events, her father insisted that she graduate with a law degree from Florida State University.

“Years later, he was super proud, but [journalism] was a hard sell on the front end,” she said.

“I had a lot of interest in the legal framework of our country … and I appreciated my experiences in law, but I was never passionate about it,” she added. “There was always just this nagging thing … that I was meant to do something else.”

Bream received her first opportunity in journalism with WFTS-Channel 28, and it became the start of her successful career in the field she loved most.

“My whole TV career started there,” Bream said, adding that she experienced a firing shortly into her career. “It was kind of the best thing for me, though it didn’t feel that way at the time. It made me look at how seriously I would take that career, look at myself and improve.”

In 2007, Bream started at Fox.

“God put me in the right place at the right time,” she said. “I think I’ve worked every shift there is at Fox, and I’ve learned something from each one.

“There’s no shortage of news, so it always keeps us on our toes,” Bream said. “It’s been such a privilege to meet different people.”

“For me, [the anniversary is] a wonderful reminder about what Fox does and what it means to our viewers,” she continued.

Bream does not shy away from complex subjects and consistently champions her faith in God.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Bream confessed that trusting God and obeying His will is not always easy. However, Bream maintains that God is faithful to bless those who follow Him.

“To me, the concept of obedience is the same across time. If I truly feel God has laid something on my heart, it’s my choice whether to follow Him or not. But what I’ve learned is that His way always makes sense in the long-term, even if I can’t see it upfront. Trust me, I get off track all the time. That’s true of many of the women in the book as well,” Bream said. “I love that we meet them with their flaws, just as they are. It shows me that God can work through us, even when we go astray.”

Bream said that her obedience and faith in God manifest themselves in her daily routine and prayer life. Despite the pandemic forcing many churches to meet online, Bream encouraged people to continue to deepen their relationships with God.

“[Faith is] the center of everything for me. First thing in the morning I read the Bible, study, and pray,” Bream said. “I find journaling really helps me as well. Like most people who’ve been away from their houses of worship this last year, we’ve been doing our Sunday services online. I’ve only attended church in person a handful of times over the last year, and those Sundays were so precious to me! I think you can absolutely have a close relationship with God without ever going to a specific building, but I feel such a connection to my fellow believers when I can sit next to them in the pews each week!”