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Why Kirk Cameron Fights for Faith

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Why Kirk Cameron Fights for Faith

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kirk Cameron recently shared why he is motivated to speak against the immorality that pervades culture and instead promotes Christianity.

“May I quote Gandalf the Grey?” Cameron said on Allie Beth Stuckey’s “Relatable” podcast. “He says this after great evil has come upon the land, he says, ‘Other evils there are that shall come. For even Sauron himself is a servant or an emissary. Yet it is not our task to master all the tides of the world but to do what is in us, for the help of those years wherein we have been set, uprooting the evil in the fields we know, so that those who live after us will have clean earth to till. And what weather they shall have is not ours to rule.’”

The actor explained how this quote encourages his fight against damaging ideologies.

“That puts it into perspective and frames for me my task. I can’t stop the World Economic Forum from doing what they’re doing. I can’t stop big food, big pharma, big books, like Scholastic. I can’t. I’m a guy. I’m one man,” he said.

“But I can do everything in my power while I have breath on this earth for the help of this generation and uproot some evil in the field I know through the media,” Cameron continued. “I can plant some seeds of goodness and truth and beauty, that’s what we’re doing right now, so that those who live after us – that’s our kids and grandkids – will have cleaner earth to till and build on.”

“They can build worlds that may only be possible because of us pulling up some rocks of garbage and evil, and they’ll be prepared for the weather that God sends their way politically, economically, morally, and spiritually. Why? Because they grew up with moms like you and dads like your husband, and they’re reading good books, and they’re benefiting from the faithfulness of people who didn’t sit on the couch…but kicked it into gear and said, ‘Let’s do everything we can,'” he concluded.

Cameron’s reminder is a call to stay true to God’s plan. He gives each of us unique gifts to use to minister to those around us and help build the kingdom of heaven. While the world may sometimes seem to be in a darkness too great for us to fix, nothing is too great for God to overcome.

Cameron recently fought against the darkness with his new children’s book “The Fox, The Fair, and the Invention Scare,” released in October. In it, he teaches kids about the power of love.

“Earlier teachings told people to ‘love your neighbor and hate your enemy,'” the actor said, citing Matthew. “Jesus taught us to not only love our neighbors but to extend kindness to our enemies.”

“Love is a better way to live than hating and killing each other,” he added.

Movieguide® previously reported:

In a recent episode of his “American Campfire Revival” podcast, Kirk Cameron explains how Christian values created the United States. 

“You are part of a rich historical tradition where faith has played a significant role in shaping our nation,” he wrote on Instagram under a clip from the show. “Many good Christian people, like yourself, have contributed to the foundations of this country through their values of compassion, justice, and community.”

“Preserving these principles and passing them down to future generations are a sacred duty, ensuring that our nation continues to be a beacon of Christian values, promoting love, kindness, and a sense of purpose for all Americans for generations and generations to come!” Cameron added.

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