Why SOUND OF MUSIC Star Kym Karath Left Hollywood

Photo from Kym Karath’s Instagram

Why SOUND OF MUSIC Star Kym Karath Left Hollywood

By Movieguide® Contributor

THE SOUND OF MUSIC star Kym Karath discussed her time on the movie in a new interview, as well as her decision to leave Hollywood behind. 

Karath, who began acting when she was just 3 years old, scored the role of Gretl in the movie musical. 

“One of the best things about that movie for me was becoming a family,” Karath told Fox News of her time on set. “And we did become one in real life. And being in Salzburg, Austria, I think, started my profound love of Europe and history. [But] it was not a fun thing missing my father and brother. But my sister and mother were with me. And our group really became a family, which was wonderful.”

She described director Robert Wise as “spectacular to work with,” and was equally effusive about co-star Andrews. 

“I loved her from the minute I met her,” Karath said of her. “There is never a bad moment with Julie Andrews – never. She’s just the sweetest, most unbelievable, talented, brilliant human… I think we all have the same favorite memory to some extent. That was when she took out her guitar and she just sang to us. And she would have us sing with her in between the scenes to amuse us, to entertain us, to make the time pass. She was a pure delight.”

While Karath enjoyed acting, as she got older, her parents grew concerned about some of the people she encountered while working. 

“When I hit puberty, and I was quite developed for my age, there were a lot of horrible people who came forward,” she explained. “And my parents… were both terrified of what was happening. And they said, ‘No more – just focus on school.’ I was lucky enough to have gone to this wonderful private girls school called Marlborough. And then I went to university and that took me out of that. But going back into it, after I graduated from university, it was casting couch all over again… It was horrible. And I fled.”

She continued, “It was pretty bad. And I wasn’t accustomed to that. I worked as a professional for so many years and I had a very positive experience. I would say 98 percent of it was positive. That was not something I was going to do, that I was willing to do, or wanted to experience.”

Karath eventually gave up acting and started working as a model. She later married and welcomed a son named Eric. She considered returning to acting, but after Eric contracted meningitis and suffered a stroke, he became her focus. 

“He needed my full attention,” she shared. “He’s thriving now. He’s doing great. My son has done really well – better than expected by a long shot. But that was not a situation where you could take the eye off the ball for a minute.”

Karath later co-founded The Aurelia Foundation, which works to improve the lives of people living with disabilities, as well provide support to their loved ones. 

She has not completely stepped away from Hollywood, though. Karath has written a screenplay and says she is just waiting for the right part to come along for her return to acting. 


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