Why UPtv Actor Brant Daughtery Believes Change Encourages Personal Growth

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Why UPtv Actor Brant Daughtery Believes Change Encourages Personal Growth

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Actor Brant Daughtery believes that change encourages growth because it pushes one outside their comfort zone.

“We need a certain amount of push outside of our comfort zone as as human beings to grow and to experience new things,” Daughtery said in an interview with Movieguide®.

In UPtv’s VISION OF LOVE, Daughtery plays Tom, a widower who must come to grips with moving on with his life.

Since VISION OF LOVE deals with lovingly challenging others to grow, Daughtery said that one’s partner can be instrumental in that positive change.

“If your partner doesn’t challenge you in any way to grow, you’re just sitting still, and nobody wants that,” Daughtery said.

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Daughtery though, is unlike Tom in many ways, including the fact that his real-life is constantly changing.

“I might have a different perspective on this than most people,” said Daughtery.

The actor/writer/soon-to-be director compared his life to a circus tour.

“My life changes constantly all the time. But I love change and [it’s all] very exciting I don’t like sitting still for too long.”

One of Daughtery’s most recent life changes was getting married to his wife, Kimberly.

The pair wed in June 2019 and recently attended the Movieguide® Awards together, bought a home and got a puppy.


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UPtv picked up the newlyweds’ movie,  A CHRISTMAS MOVIE CHRISTMAS, for their 2019 Christmas slate.

Daughtery believes that their partnership makes their creative work better.

“I always feel like whatever I write, she can make it better and I like to thank vice versa as well,” said Daughtery.

Currently, the pair are working on a script for a new movie that Daughtery will direct.

We can’t wait to see what these two cook up!

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