Will THE GRAY MAN’s Low Viewer Numbers Mean A Change For Netflix?

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Will THE GRAY MAN’s Low Viewer Numbers Mean A Change For Netflix?

By Movieguide® Contributor

THE GRAY MAN was one of Netflix’s most-watched movies, with over 230 million views in the first 28 days it was on the streaming service. However, a sharp drop-off in views after the first few days has some wondering if Netflix’s business model is failing. 

The movie topped Netflix’s Top 10 chart for just eight days before dropping 60% of its viewers in the second week. By its third week, it sank to just No. 4 on the global Top 10 movies list. 

While THE GRAY MAN boasts millions of views, this drop-off in viewers seems strange for a movie that had a budget of $200 million — the largest budget for a Netflix movie ever. 

Some wonder if this drop in popularity has something to do with the excessive violence shown in the movie, as well as repetitive fight scenes. Movieguide®’s review reads:

THE GRAY MAN follows the globetrotting adventures of a CIA hitman whose codename is Sierra Six. Sierra Six is sent to kill a rogue fellow agent and retrieve a necklace containing digitized top-secret intelligence. The target is trying to sell the info to foreign enemies, and Six is ordered to stop him at any cost. Six manages to kill the rogue agent and take possession of the necklace when his CIA boss turns on him and sends agents to kill him. A gleefully sadistic sociopath is in charge of that mission.

THE GRAY MAN is directed by the brothers who made AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Its $200 million budget makes it the most expensive Netflix movie ever made. The money is all on the screen; the movie’s explosive mayhem includes several jaw-dropping action sequences. In the third act, however, the action is marred by repetitive fight scenes and gunfights that have been seen many times. THE GRAY MAN is undeniably entertaining much of the time, but the movie wallows in far too much intense violence. It also has many obscenities and three strong profanities.

This might mark a change for the streaming service, which has been dodging rumors of bankruptcy recently. Many are hoping that this latest stumble will show Netflix they need to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to creating lasting content. 

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