If You’re Sick of Seeing All the Slime in Hollywood. . . Do This Instead!

If You’re Sick of Seeing All of the Slime in Hollywood. . . Do This Instead!

Recently, it’s been suggested that in light of the recent sexual harassment accusations that have surfaced, now including Dustin Hoffman and Brett Ratner among the ever-growing list of the Hollywood disgraced, that Christians should be completely done with Hollywood.

This is not the answer!

When darkness is exposed, the answer is not to run away, the answer is to run even closer with the light. For Christians that are rightfully sick of filth that seems to come out of Hollywood, we’re calling on all media-wise people to support, now more than ever, the good entertainment that’s being released. There are several terrific movies and TV programs worth supporting.

For example, Kevin Sorbo’s LET THERE BE LIGHT is in theaters now, as well as ON WINGS OF EAGLES, about Eric Liddell’s ministry work in China. Eric is the Christian Olympic athlete featured in the classic movie CHARIOTS OF FIRE.

Also, National Geographic Channel premieres on Tuesday, Nov. 7 one of the most positive faith portrayals we’ve seen on TV in a miniseries called THE LONG ROAD HOME (only for older audiences). At the same time, on Nov. 10 in theaters, comes NO GREATER LOVE, a Christian documentary (also for older audiences) on soldiers who fought some of the most intense battles since the Vietnam War in Kandahar Province in 2010, and then had to fight intense battles when returning home.

On Nov. 17, Sony Pictures will release THE STAR, a wonderful animated family movie about the birth of Jesus seen from the perspective of a donkey.

The next week on Nov. 22 THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS releases; it tells the fascinating, redemptive, uplifting story of Charles Dickens writing his classic book A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

These are all wonderful stories, and by supporting the good, you’re not running from the darkness, you’re helping to spread the Light!



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