Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In MALIBU'S MOST WANTED, Jamie Kennedy plays Brad, a rich white kid in Malibu who thinks he can be a rap star after he's been neglected by his parents. MALIBU'S MOST WANTED is a serviceable comedy with too much foul language and sexual innuendo in it for family audiences.


(PaPa, B, LLL, VV, SS, N, A, M) Pagan rap worldview with father-son reconciliation; about 75 obscenities including several bleeped "f" words, five strong profanities and seven light profanities; comical violence includes young white man fires machine gun at people during a shootout which he thinks is a fake attempt to get him to stop acting black, people threaten one another with weapons, father crashes through house to rescue his son, man shoots himself in the foot thinking gun is not real, and angry man crashes down door; many euphemisms for fornication, comical reference to oral sex and man dreams of kissing woman's breasts; upper male nudity, some female cleavage and short skirts, and women in bikinis; alcohol use; no smoking; and kidnapping, deceitfulness and black gangs portrayed.

GENRE: Comedy









More Detail:

MALIBU’S MOST WANTED is a comedy spoof of the rap subculture. Jamie Kennedy plays Brad, a rich white kid in Malibu who’s been neglected by his mother and father. In a flashback to Brad’s youth, the black maid introduces Brad to rap and hip-hop, and Brad becomes a wannabe gangster rapper. Brad names himself B-Rad and hangs out with his Malibu homies at the mall.

Brad has become an embarrassment to his father, who’s running for governor. The candidate’s shifty campaign manager gets the father’s approval to hire two black actors, Sean and PJ, to pose as tough inner-city gang-bangers and kidnap Brad to “scare the black out of him.” The actors, however, are classically trained and know nothing about being so tough, so they have to perfect their roles before they carry out their plan. They even hire PJ’s cousin, Shondra, to help them.

Shondra, however, falls for Brad. Also, Brad refuses to stop acting black because “that’s who I am.” Things go from bad to worse when Shondra’s jealous gangster ex-boyfriend shows up and kidnaps Brad for real. It takes Brad’s father and Brad’s Malibu homies to save the day.

MALIBU’S MOST WANTED has a cute storyline that’s sometimes funny, but the movie goes too far in imitating the gangster rap mentality, including some of its foul language and promiscuous sexual attitudes. Thus, although the movie pokes fun of the rap lifestyle, it eventually accepts that lifestyle, warts and all. Brad’s identity crisis never becomes a real crisis. His father eventually accepts him for who he is, even though the movie makes it clear that Brad is not as good a rapper as he thinks he is. Even Shondra is able to put aside this fact to love Brad for himself. It’s the sleazier parts of the movie, however, that are the most offensive.

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