"Breaking Almost Every Commandment While Talking About Them"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

Feigning to be a comedy, THE TEN, starring a slew of well-known Hollywood names, is an exploration of the basest forms of humanity. It aims very low at the most crude, most sophomoric blasphemy and anti-religious bigotry. The movie opens with a narrator who explains that the movie is comprised of ten short stories detailing the morals behind the Ten Commandments. Then, the movie continues down a path of immorality that defames the sacred laws given by the Lord. Included is a sequence mocking the person of Jesus Christ, our divine, holy savior who delivers us from sin and rebellion against God to eternal salvation and communion with God.

This movie’s production values are of no concern because its immoral, profane content is so abhorrent. The movie contains incredibly strong blasphemy with an immoral fornicator who claims to be Jesus Christ, abundantly strong foul language, extremely crude, immoral and aberrant sexual behavior and humor, and an overwhelming amount of miscellaneous immorality. THE TEN cannot be described as entertainment. It is, instead, a sinful piece of satanic filth that all sane moviegoers and all media-wise people of faith will want to avoid.


(PaPaPa, AbAbAb, HoHo, LLL, V, SSS, NN, AA, DDD, MMM) Very strong satanic worldview with very strong immoral pagan worldview with very strong blasphemous, anti-biblical and anti-Christian content including a character professes to be Jesus Christ but would rather have a steamy, immoral summer sex affair in Mexico than reveal His Second Coming, one character who gains some celebrity status is described at one point as “God” but soon after falls out of the public eye, and strong pro-homosexual worldview as men in prison covet other men’s “wives”; at least 62 obscenities (20 “f” words) and 15 mostly strong profanities; light violence includes some slapping and punching between characters, man slaps his son and knocks out his wife and a cartoon character bludgeons another cartoon character for being a presumed racist; very strong abhorrent sexual content includes man who claims to be Jesus Christ gropes a woman and has depicted fornication with her though nothing is shown, several other scenes of implied fornication, an animated orgy is shown between hundreds of cartoon animals, depicted sex of woman with a ventriloquist puppet, depicted sodomy in prison between two men, kissing both married and unmarried, people discuss in detail many other forms of sexual deviance including underage sex with a man’s niece, and several characters admit to having affairs; naturalistic upper male nudity, woman in a bra, graphic rear male nudity and although they are strategically covered most of the time, many men sit naked around a house on Sundays rather than go to church; several scenes of alcohol use from wine to beer to strong liquor, with implied drunkenness; some cigarette use and strong drug use such as heroin in several scenes; and, very strong miscellaneous immorality includes extensive lying and one animated character defecates whenever he leaves a room.

More Detail:

Most comedy movies are rather simple in their goal: to create a moviegoing experience that contains enjoyment and laughter for the audience. THE TEN, however, which stars a slew of well-known Hollywood names, is so far from anything enjoyable or laughter-inducing, audience members would find it nearly impossible to define the movie as a comedy. It is, rather, an exploration in the basest forms of humanity that are aimed only at crude, sophomoric blasphemy, a sign of anti-biblical, anti-religious, anti-Christian bigotry. In this regard, it should be noted that to join the church of satan initiates must break each and every one of the Ten Commandments.

The movie opens with a narrator who explains that the movie is going to be comprised of ten short stories that detail the morals behind the Ten Commandments. Then, the movie continues down a path of immorality that would probably make Moses want to come down from the Mount and smash the sacred tablets over the filmmakers’ heads.

From a woman who takes the Lord’s name in vain by having an affair with a man who claims to be Jesus Christ returned to earth, to homosexual male prisoners who covet each other’s prison “wives,” from a married woman who has an adulterous affair with a stolen wooden ventriloquist dummy, to a graphic animated orgy with hundreds of cartoon animals, each story contains its own warped re-telling of the sacred laws that have governed moral and biblical societies for centuries.

It should be noted that the movie takes the Roman Catholic and Lutheran number count of the Ten Commandments. Thus, the movie doesn’t mention the warning against making idols or graven images.

All in all, the production values of THE TEN are of no concern because the content is so incredibly abhorrent that any sane person who values their time should avoid it, let alone any media-wise person who has a respect for the Word of God. One wonders if all of these stars wanted to join the church of satan.

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