This entertaining, comical, and edifying animated video spotlights a eccentric inventor's time-traveling machine, which is stolen by an evil used car salesman who wants to rule the world. Parents will be able to watch this without having to counter any occultic or humanistic messages, or roll their eyes with embarrassment.


ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY: THE KNIGHT TRAVELERS features quality animation and dialogue, with an imaginative storyline. The story begins with young Dylan Taylor fighting with his sister, Jessie, over a toy catalog. Dad reprimands them, but Dylan wonders, “why is it wrong to want neat stuff?” Later, Dylan overhears two criminals attempting to kill Sherman, a dog belonging to inventor John Avery Whitaker, because Sherman witnessed the men stealing “Whit’s Imagination Station,” a time travel machine. The culprits accidentally dropped a card, identifying one as Eugene Bass, employed by Fred J. Faustus. Faustus modifies Mr. Whitaker’s invention into a “Manipulation Station” and plans to bilk people by making them pay to experience fantasies. Faustus muses, “I’ll give the world what it wants, and they…will serve me.” Mr. Whitaker, Dylan and Sherman go after their time-travel machine.
Throughout the story, the presence of God is acknowledged by Mr. Whitaker, who while having more “neat stuff” than Dylan can fathom, can only triumph over Faustus by divine grace. ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY: THE KNIGHT TRAVELERS is an entertaining, comical, and edifying program.

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