"Crude Comedy Spoils the Fun"

Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

COP OUT stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as Jim and Paul, two bickering New York police detectives who get caught up in a Latino drug dealer’s scheme to take over the Mexican drug trade on the East Coast. The drug dealer just happens to have bought a valuable baseball card that Jim was hoping to sell to pay for his daughter’s dream wedding. Someone has stolen a car that the drug dealer needs to complete his takeover, so he offers to make a deal with Jim and Paul. They get more trouble than they bargained, however.

COP OUT could have been better. It also could have been cleaner, a lot cleaner. The movie’s positive moral worldview, including some overt Christian and biblical references, is spoiled by much negative content. The negative content includes abundant foul language, a very crude homosexual joke in the beginning, and some strong violence. The crude comedy spoils the fun. It also makes it harder to appreciate the positive Christian, moral elements. Willis and Morgan would make a great team in a better, cleaner, more inspiring movie. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for media-wise, sensitive viewers.


(B, CC, PaPa, HoHo, LLL, VV, SS, NN, A, DD, MM) Light moral worldview with overt Christian and biblical references (including a Christian wedding scene with the reverend quoting Psalm 23 and 1 Corinthians 13:13), but spoiled by strong pagan, immoral content and a very crude, visual homosexual joke in the beginning; 171 mostly strong obscenities, 12 strong profanities, one light profanity, and some bathroom humor; strong action violence includes chases, shootouts, people wounded, bad guys shot in head, foul-mouthed boy thief kicks policeman in groin and policeman hits him back in the groin, and some off-screen assassinations; no depicted human sex but very crude visual homosexual joke, and some other lighter sexual references, including hero thinks wife is cheating on him with neighbor; crude image of simulated sexual nudity and woman in lingerie being secretly filmed, plus brief upper male nudity; alcohol use; smoking and some drug references; and, foul-mouthed boy is a thief, lying, robbery, robber tasers detective, and jealousy but it is rebuked.

More Detail:

COP OUT could have been better. It also could have been cleaner, a whole lot cleaner.

Starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as two bickering New York police detectives, COP OUT opens with Paul (Morgan) interrogating a low-level drug dealer, Raul. Paul’s partner, Jim (Willis) hates the way that the clownish Paul interrogates criminals by using a barrage of unrelated quotes from other movies. For once, however, Paul’s technique works, and Raul agrees to give up his drug contact, Juan, who just happens to be the younger brother of a wannabe Latino drug lord named Poh Boy.

With Jim and Paul watching Raul’s electronic store, Juan comes into the store to make contact. Juan catches Paul watching him, with Paul wearing a large rubber cell phone suit. Juan kills Raul and runs. Paul and Jim give chase, but Juan escapes.

Jim and Paul’s boss suspends them without pay for not contacting other detectives watching that neighborhood. This puts Jim in a bind, because he was counting on his salary to pay for his daughter’s wedding. Now, Jim might have to let his ex-wife’s rich new husband pay for his daughter’s dream wedding, much to Jim’s irritation. He has only one ace in the hole – an old, very valuable baseball card that he can sell.

Sadly, when Jim tries to sell the card to a buyer at a sports memorabilia store, the store is robbed. The robbers take off with Jim’s baseball card.

After much effort, Jim and Paul catch the head robber. They pressure him to tell them that he sold the card to Poh Boy. Jim and Paul confront Poh Boy, who tells them he will return the baseball card if they will find a missing car that was stolen from him.

Eventually, Jim and Paul learn that the trunk of the car contains the kidnapped mistress of the biggest drug dealer in Mexico. They learn that Poh Boy took the woman in order to capture the whole Mexican drug trade on the East Coast.

Can they stop Poh Boy, save the girl, and retrieve the baseball card before the daughter’s wedding?

The goals of the heroes are ultimately positive in COP OUT. Along the way, however, viewers are exposed to a lot of crude language, a very crude homosexual reference in the beginning, and some strong action violence.

Even so, at the very end, there is a very positive wedding ceremony, with overt quotes from Psalm 23 and Paul’s promotion of love in the New Testament in 1 Cor. 13. The movie also has some other positive references to Christianity.

Kudos, therefore, to Director Kevin Smith for including these positive elements, but viewers are advised to approach COP OUT with plenty of extreme caution. Please see the CONTENT section above for details to help you make your decision about seeing this movie.

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