Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.

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Greg Kinnear stars as Tom Turner in a likable and winsome movie, DEAR GOD. Tom turns from a thieving con man into a charitable, good Samaritan. Supported by a good story, a fine diverse cast of supporting characters and an overt examination of God at work, DEAR GOD represents a wonderful holiday movie for families with older children. It is marred by a few obscenities.


(BB, C, L, V, A, D, M) Biblical, moral worldview depicting and examining faith in God, good deeds, the role of serving God, & prayer with positive depiction of Christian leaders; 9 obscenities & many positive appeals to God; one brief scene where man gets punched in gut; no sex; no nudity; alcohol use; smoking; and, miscellaneous immorality includes conning, lying, & cheating

More Detail:

Greg Kinnear stars as Tom Turner in a likable and winsome movie, DEAR GOD. Tom is in debt, so he methodically cons innocent people out of their money. One day, he is caught and brought to trial. He is sentenced to a job at the Post office in the dead letter office. Included are letters to Elvis, the Tooth Fairy and God. The office is filled with a staff of misfits, and Tom thinks he might have found a better class of people in jail. Yet, they soon act together to answer letters addressed to God, and form a tight team of mercy and love. All goes well, until they are charged with mail fraud and face their biggest challenge.

Technically, the movie is very good. Well cast, it shows some very fresh and original characters. The movie depicts prayer, thanks to God and good deeds. It tells the audience that we are God’s hands and feet. It shows that serving God and doing good deeds is more important than living for selfish reasons. It is important to know that our good deeds are as filthy rags without Christ’s atonement. Good deeds and giving to others is, rather, part of our worship and service to God. This movie may motivate you to good works and to learn more about God.

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