"Seeking Moral Redemption"

Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

HEADHUNTERS is an entertaining crime thriller from Norway. The story follows a crooked corporate headhunter name, Roger. Roger uses his job to learn which of his elite clients own rare art, then robs them blind of their masterpieces. Trying to keep up with a lavish lifestyle for his stunning wife, Roger finds out one of his wife’s art clients has a $100 million painting stolen by Nazis. This time, Roger’s messed with the wrong guy. He finds himself on the run. Making matters worse, he realizes most of his supposed friends, including his mistress, are willing to sell him out. He finally realizes his wife is the only one who truly loves him, so he sets about to save his marriage and himself.

HEADHUNTERS is very entertaining. It’s filled with countless jaw-dropping twists, darkly humorous dialogue, and ace performances. Regrettably, however, it has some graphic violence and strong lewd moments. This content requires extreme caution. It’s offset by a nice scene of forgiveness and reconciliation. Also, unlike other heist movies, the protagonist walks away from the chance to get rich from his schemes and finds a moral solution his problems.


(BB, C, Pa, PaPa, LL, VVV, SS, NN, A, MM) Strong moral worldview with a redemptive storyline overcomes the lead character’s immoral, hedonistic lifestyle in the movie’s first act; 11 obscenities and profanities, and protagonist hides himself from a tracking dog by immersing himself in a pit of excrement; very strong violence includes a pair of intense gun battles, protagonist has to kill long-time but traitorous friend, vicious fight between protagonist and his mistress who betrays him, villain’s vicious dog tries to attack the lead character, who winds up killing the dog by accidentally impaling it on a giant pitchfork; depicted clothed fornication and an imagined sex scene; a nude scene with protagonist’s wife and upper male nudity; alcohol use; no smoking or drugs; and, protagonist leads a double life as an art thief, stealing, protagonist cheats and scoffs at his wife’s desire to have children but he realizes she’s the one who truly loves him and changes his ways, and numerous lies, setups, and double-crosses.

More Detail:

HEADHUNTERS is a wildly entertaining modern-day Hitchcock-style thriller from Norway with unexpected twists. It’s a rare modern thriller that places a strong focus on the lead character’s transformation from a life of evil to one of humility and goodness. The movie contains, however, bursts of graphic violence and lewd content.

The story follows a corporate headhunter, Roger, uses his job as a means of learning which of his elite clients own rare art, then robbing them blind of their masterpieces. No matter how much he steals, however, Roger feels he can’t keep up with the lavish lifestyle he wants to provide his stunning wife Dianna, who’s just launched her own art gallery. So, when Dianna introduces him to Clas Greve at a party, and he learns that Clas’ grandmother has a $100 million painting from an ex-Nazi hanging in her old apartment, Roger springs into action.

This time, however, Roger’s picked the wrong man to mess with. Greve is a security expert who’s developed the most ruthlessly effective tracking devices known to man. Only when Roger’s on the run, does he realize he’s covered head to toe with Greve’s tracking devices. Roger has to both literally and metaphorically strip away the extravagant surface of his life in order to find a way out.

As Roger runs from Greve, he realizes that most of his supposed friends, including the mistress he secretly keeps on the side, are eager to get payback by capturing or killing him. As he survives one harrowing episode after another, Roger starts to assess his many misplaced priorities. He finally realizes how much his wife truly loves him. He also decides he’d like to create a true family with her, so he sets out to save his marriage as well as himself.

Laden with countless jaw-dropping twists, darkly humorous dialogue and ace performances by unknown actors, HEADHUNTERS is one of the more entertaining movies released in recent years. A packed house of snooty arthouse patrons at the screening MOVIEGUIDE® attended laughed, clapped, and cheered during the movie’s entertaining moments.

Extreme caution is warranted, however, for the graphic violence and strong lewd content. This content is offset by a beautiful scene of forgiveness and reconciliation between the hero and his estranged wife. Also, unlike many other heist/caper movies, the hero walks away from the chance to get rich from his schemes and finds a moral solution his problems.

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