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BIG HERO 6 is an excellent Disney animated movie set in a fictional metropolis called San Fransokyo. Hiro is a 14-year-old boy with a gift for robotics. His parents are deceased, so Hiro lives with his older brother and their aunt. Hiro’s brother tries to redirect Hiro’s talents into something constructive. He inspires Hiro to join the university’s robotics program, but a mysterious accident kills the brother in a fire. The only surviving remnant of Hiro’s brother is a creation called Baymax, an inflatable robot built as a healthcare companion. Convinced his brother’s death wasn’t an accident, Hiro turns the huggable Baymax into a fighting machine. He also enlists the help of his brother’s four friends.

BIG HERO 6 is a delightful, charming movie. The positive messages are abundant and include helping others, courage and selflessness. They are combined with some heavier themes and plot elements, including death, revenge and even puberty. The overall result is positive, however, and should spark some good conversation, but caution for younger children is warranted. BIG HERO 6 is meticulously well crafted, entertaining and emotionally powerful.


(BBB, Cap, V, N, M) Very strong moral worldview promoting strong values such as using one’s talents to help others rather than pursue personal gain, courage, bravery, selflessness, an anti-revenge message, and some pro-capitalist elements promoting entrepreneurship; no foul language; some animated action violence with some heavier moments, including a fire that kills a young man, a chase sequence, car crashes into the water, villain wears scary mask, fighting between the heroes and the villain, and a whole building is sucked into a wormhole-like device; no sexual content, but a boy’s puberty is mentioned; upper male nudity; no alcohol; no smoking or drug use; and, some illegal gambling but it’s punished and lying.

More Detail:

BIG HERO 6 is an excellent Disney Animated movie set in a fictional metropolis called San Fransokyo. Hiro is a 14-year-old boy with a gift for robotics. With his parents deceased, Hiro lives with his older brother, Tadashi, and his Aunt Cass, getting in trouble periodically by wasting his talents in robot fights, which are illegal.

After Hiro is caught in a robot fight and thrown in jail, Tadashi tries to inspire a greater sense of purpose for Hiro by showing him his University lab. Amazed by the technology and opportunities of Tadashi’s school, Hiro decides he has to go there as well. His only chance is to build something truly remarkable and showcase it at a robotics convention. If Hiro can impress Professor Robert Callaghan, he’ll be allowed into the school’s program.

With the help and encouragement of Tadashi’s friends GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred, Hiro creates something truly unique and revolutionary that blows everyone at the convention away. So much so, his creation even gains interest from tech guru Alistair Krei, who wants to buy Hiro’s invention. However, Hiro decides it’s not ready yet and opts to join the University. Later in the evening, a fire starts at the convention and Tadashi runs in to help the Professor, but the building explodes, killing Tadashi.

The loss of his brother destroys Hiro. The only remnant of Tadashi left is his creation called Baymax, an inflatable robot that Tadashi built as a healthcare companion. When Hiro discovers his invention wasn’t destroyed in the fire, he wonders if the fire wasn’t an accident and if someone is responsible for Tadashi’s death. Determined to find this person, Hiro turns the huggable Baymax into a fighting machine and enlists the help of Tadashi’s four friends to catch this person. They discover that this mysterious man has stolen Hiro’s invention and is now using it as a weapon.

Can Hiro and his friends stop this villain before he harms other people? Will the distraught and angry Hiro go too far in trying to catch this villain?

BIG HERO 6 is a delightful, charming movie that all ages will enjoy. Disney carries on its tradition by bringing another meticulously well-crafted story with an emotional pull and an exciting storyline. FROZEN gave us a lovely depiction of sisterhood, and while BIG HERO 6 is a little more tragic, the bond between the brothers is touching. Baymax the robot steals the show though with his adorable innocence, which is especially hilarious when his low battery makes him confused and lethargic. The animation is beautiful, especially the fused landscapes that San Fransokyo gathers from San Francisco and Tokyo.

The positive messages in BIG HERO 6 are abundant, but they’re found among some heavier themes and plot elements that might be a little much for young children. Hiro learns he needs to use his talents for the good of others rather than personal gain, but before he learns this he does participate in illegal gambling of underground robot fighting. Tadashi is an exemplary older brother, who cares for, loves and guides his younger brilliant brother in the right direction. Tadashi also exhibits courage, bravery and selflessness, which are defining values that push Hiro into becoming a hero, but this also comes with Tadashi’s tragic death in an explosion. Hiro is transitioning from boyhood to manhood, and with that comes all complications of discovering who you are, who you want to be and even the awkward stages of puberty. Everything stays upbeat in BIG HERO 6, but some of the themes should spur positive conversation and discussion.

FEAST, the Disney short preceding BIG HERO 6, is brilliant storytelling at its finest, about a young puppy and his relationship with his owner through the food he’s fed.

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