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What You Need To Know:

From the Japanese producers of AKIRA, comes a hyper-violent, cyber-tech animated thriller called GHOST IN THE SHELL. Referring to a human soul in a humanly created bio-shell, it is a story of a futuristic cop who questions her identity and eventually creates a new life of her own. Though animated, it has excessive violence, nudity and anti-biblical philosophy.


(H, LLL, VVV, S, N) Technological worldview where man is a creator of other human-like lives & existential elements questioning the nature of humanity; 34 obscenities, 2 vulgarities & 4 profanities; extreme violence including gunfire with bloodshed, dismemberment, implosion, falling, & beating; implied sexual activity between two humanoid creatures; and, full-frontal nude female robots without genitalia

More Detail:

From the producers of AKIRA, comes a hyper-violent cyber-tech thriller called GHOST IN THE SHELL. It is a story of a futuristic cop who questions her own identity and eventually creates new life of her own. In the year is 2029, the world is a complicated mess of computer link-ups and violence. Augmented humans akin to robots are able to download any information into their brains as they battle the forces of evil in an urban jungle. One such virtual agent, designated Project 2501, has no humanoid bio-shell, yet is now calling itself a lifeform “born in a sea of information” and labeling itself “The Puppet Master.” The job of the police is to track down the Puppet Master before it claims its own body and causes a breach in national security.

This highly imaginative story is complemented by a high color-contrasted series of images filled with gadgets, wires and futuristic concepts. While visually stunning and pressing the limits of animation, it is not a movie for children. It has excessive violence, nudity and anti-biblical philosophical concepts. It has a pessimistic view of the future that confuses and challenges the nature of humanity. The movie questions the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence (AL) and interfacing between computers and suggests that such realities will offer nothing but chaos.