What You Need To Know:

Young, sex-hungry KIDS roam the streets of New York one hot summer day stealing, drinking, taking drugs, trespassing and urinating on the streets. The film's protagonist Telly is on the hunt for his latest virgin, and his ex - Jennie - is on the hunt for Telly because he infected her with the HIV virus. Non-stop obscenities and vulgarities, graphic sexual situations involving orgies and rape, some nudity and rampant drug and alcohol abuse make KIDS a disturbing film to watch, and its absolute lack of morality, conscience or value judgment make it a film of great concern.


(NA, Ho, LLL, V, SSS, NN, A, D, M) Pagan worldview extoling nihilism -- void of any moral or religious perspectives; hint of lesbianism with 2 young girls kissing; non-stop obscenities (165), vulgarities (32) & profanities (4); 3 acts of violence -- gang beating of man with skateboards, kicking cat & harassing grocer; graphic & explicit sexual situations throughout including intercourse (3), tongue kissing, group sex, orgies, rape, unprotected sex leading to HIV infections, children openly discussing loss of virginity, oral sex, boy masturbating, & minor exposed to sexual situations; full nudity of boy & girl (1), boy pulling off girl's pants & underwear, & boys & girls in underwear; extensive alcohol abuse by children including minors, drunkenness & rampant drug use also involving minors -- smoking pot, breathing nitrous oxide, taking pills, kids doing drugs & doing drug deals, smoking cigarettes, & mother smoking while breast-feeding baby; and, children stealing, turnstile jumping, breaking into public pool at night, urinating on street, spitting in house & on assaulted man, & boy putting tampon in nose & sucking it.

More Detail:

KIDS is a damaging film about damaged lives. Telly, the storys’ protagonist, leads a group of kids, doing their thing, one hot summer day in Manhattan. These are more than your usual troubled teens – they drink to drunkenness, do drugs to oblivion, beat up a man with skateboards for recreation, break into a public pool at night for some sexual romps, steal, lie, indulge in orgies, rape and even include some cherubic minors in their terrifying play – all in one day and without a trace of conscience or morality. The film follows Telly as he pursues his life’s goal, the hunt for his latest virgin conquest. We also see Jennie, one of Telly’s-exgirlfriends, who is on the hunt for Telly to tell him he has made her HIV positive. Their meeting at a ghastly party and the final break-down of Telly’s friend Casper makes KIDS a nightmarish journey that hints uncomfortably at undercurrents of truths.

Director Larry Clark and first-time writer Harmony Korine (not much older than a kid himself) combine their talents to give a cinema verite style film that is raw, blunt and gruelingly shocking. Graphic sexual situations, non-stop obscenities, vulgarities and profanities, nudity and rampant alcohol and substance abuse make it a long and tortured day to endure in KIDS.

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