Obscene and vulgar language (but no profanity); as well as murder and violence.

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An almost identical color re-make of the 1963 black-and-white film, one wonders: why? The original was better, and this version has only added color as well as obscene and vulgar language.

Twenty-four American schoolboys from a military academy are stranded on an island in the South Pacific after their plane crashes. None of the adults survive. Bereft of supervision, the boys are left to fend for themselves. The boys are a microcosm of society, and, eventually, they split into two groups. One group led by Ralph embodies the values of civilization, the other led by Jack embraces the savagery of their new surroundings.

Jack’s faction, who dress up like Indians and paint their faces, becomes increasingly feral. Their dancing is frenzied as they chant and initiate rituals. They begin worshipping the “beast” on a mountaintop, which is actually the dead body of the airplane pilot who parachuted from the plane and died in the process.

After committing two murders, the savages now plan to kill Ralph and offer him as a sacrifice to appease their new god. A chase across the small island is stopped short when a rescue group appears. Suddenly, realizing what they’ve done, they begin crying, like the little boys they were before all this happened.

This film clearly contradicts Jean Jacques Rousseau’s romantic philosophy that man in nature is a noble being. In fact, as Sir William Golding highlights in the LORD OF THE FLIES, the savage man is just that — a savage, pagan sinner. Therefore, apart from the saving and civilizing knowledge of Jesus Christ, man descends into the worship of the false gods to whom he looks to satisfy his lusts and desires. Without Christ, empire after empire, from the Babylonians to the Aztecs, have worshiped the evil idols of their lusts and desires only to be cursed by God and driven from the face of the earth. The same will happen to us if we turn to false gods. Only the salt of Christian civilization brought these boys back into a state of law. From a biblical perspective, man needs God as the object of his faith and as the Sovereign Ruler of his life. Thus, the movie is not so much a statement about good vs. evil as it says that without God in our lives, we degenerate into pagan idolators doomed to destruction. Unfortunately, this film version of Sir William Golding’s novel has added obscene and vulgar language. Therefore, MOVIEGUIDE suggests that you rent the original LORD OF THE FLIES at your local video store (it is a very strong movie without the language) or read the book, if you want to understand the fact of original sin.

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