"Malevolent Female Ghost Meets Warped Christian Clergyman"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:


(OOO, AbAbAb, C, B, L, VVV, S, N, AA,DD, MM) Very strong occult worldview with very strong Anti-Christian content where a murdered girl’s malevolent ghost haunts and kills people throughout with a form of demonic possession at the end, and a retired Christian priest is revealed to be a major villain, and he tries to kill people himself, plus some light Christian, moral elements and references such as self-sacrifice and trying to stop the malevolent ghost or its “curse,” but these efforts seem to come to nothing in the movie’s ending, which sets things up for a sequel; five relatively light obscenities, one strong profanity mentioning Jesus and one light profanity; lots of scary violence and threats of violence, part of it seems very strong such as man hits young woman’s leg with a baseball bat to hobble her, extended scene where large man tries to strangle girl to death, and electrical wires from exploding transformer come crashing down onto wrecked car and electrocute a man trapped inside, man’s body tumbles down stairs, misshapen body of murdered girl’s malevolent ghost comes out of TV screens to menace and haunt people, video images of woman shoving a girl into a well, loud banging sounds come from doors, man threatens young woman with baseball bat, creepy images of bugs, woman cuts her finger on a nail, people’s noses begin to bleed when the ghost is ready to come and kill them, woman tries to force heroine to watch dangerous video with occult powers, bird suddenly hits windshield, woman almost run over by a truck, and murdered people have distorted horrific faces; implied fornication between college-age couple, and two or three other light verbal references to sex; upper male nudity and woman shown were tight but colored panties; alcohol use and professor tells students as he ends their class to “go get drunk”; no cigarette smoking, but college professor lights up and smokes a marijuana joint; and, revenge, people hide truth, it’s revealed a woman was imprisoned against her will, selfish woman endangers innocent woman’s life, and malevolent ghost wants to scare and kill innocent people for no good reason and eventually seems to win.

More Detail:

RINGS is a horror movie about a mysterious videotape created by the malevolent ghost of a murdered girl, who haunts anyone who watches the tape and murders them unless they copy the tape and give it to someone else. RINGS is another loose adaptation of a popular 1991 Japanese novel, but the new movie is particularly evil because it makes a Christian “priest” the despicable villain and leads to an ending involving a form of demonic possession.

The movie begins with a young man on a passenger jet telling the young woman sitting next to him about a mysterious videotape filled with bizarre images he watched, including the image of a girl being pushed into a well by a woman. After watching the tape, he says he got a phone call telling him he will die in seven days. Now, the seven days are almost up, so the man is starting to breathe a sigh of relief. Just at that moment, a huge swarm of flying bugs pierces the cockpit, killing the pilots, and the plane starts to crash.

Cut to a young college professor who buys an old VCR at a flea market. Back in his dark house, the professor, Gabriel, finds an old tape in the machine. He watches the tape, which appears to be a copy of the tape with the girl being pushed down a well. Immediately after watching the tape, his phone rings, and a girl’s voice tells him he will be dead in seven days.

Cut again to the story of two older teenagers in love, Holt and Julia. Holt goes away to college. When he gets involved in a dangerous project concerning the videotape that Gabriel has started at the college, he cuts off contact with Julia. Disturbed, Julia goes to the college to find out what’s wrong. She learns that Gabriel has discovered the videotape’s death “curse” doesn’t affect people if they get another person to watch the tape on a taped copy or on a thumb drive.

However, Gabriel hasn’t been able yet to find a person to take away the curse from Holt. So, Julia watches the tape to save Holt’s life. Then, she and Holt start investigating some clues in the tape to see what started the curse. Their investigation leads them to the disappearance 30 years ago of a pregnant teenager in a small town in Sacrament Valley, Washington, who sang in the church choir. They discover (SPOILER ALERT) that the girl on the tape who haunts the people who watch it is the missing girl’s murdered daughter.

The script to RINGS needs some tightening. Because of the script’s problems, the elaborate explanations of the mysteries behind the deadly tape are confusing. Some garbled dialogue doesn’t help to clarify the confusion. Also, some questions are left unanswered.

One thing is clear, however: The big villain in this version turns out to be a retired Christian priest, apparently an Episcopal priest. Eventually, he tries to kill Julia to stop the truth about what really happened to the missing pregnant girl from getting out. In addition to this, a final twist at the end suggests that the female ghost haunting the people is (FINAL SPOILER) trying to come back to life by possessing a live person’s soul.

The Anti-Christian content in RINGS is abhorrent. Furthermore, although the foul language is very brief and minor, the unmarried young lovers in the movie, Julia and Holt, are sleeping together.