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What You Need To Know:

THE BIRDCAGE teams Robin Williams with Nathan Lane, as a middle-aged gay couple who go to great lengths to create the impression of a normal heterosexual marriage. Williams' son, is going to marry the daughter of a conservative politician, and he wants all appearances to be normal. A remake of the French film LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, it uses obscene props and art, phallic humor, and the occasional bad language to demonstrate the moral struggle between the gay and straight cultures.


(Ho, LLL, NNN, Ab, M) Homosexual worldview; 18 obscenities, 7 vulgarities, 6 profanities, & 1 blasphemy; scene of a topless beach, female breasts, excessive bodily exposure including people in bikinis & g-strings, thongs both male and female; phallic jokes & two cases where the crucifix is referred to irreverently.

More Detail:

Armand Goldman, played by Robin Williams, is the owner of a cross-dressing nightclub called THE BIRDCAGE. A big show is beginning and Armand is searching for his star dancer, Starina, played by Nathan Lane. Albert, a matronly looking transvestite with all the overdone female mannerisms, won’t perform because he thinks that Armand is cheating on him. Into this situation walks an attractive young man named Val, Armand’s son. To Armand’s horror, Val announces to his father that he is going to marry a girl. This is only the beginning of the clash of moral and cultural scenarios in the film. It turns out that Barbie, Val’s fiancee, is none other than the daughter of the conservative and moralistic Senator Keeling. Armand and company make every effort to turn themselves and their apartment inside out, to turn themselves into John Wayne and Margaret Thatcher, and convince the Keelings that this is a “straight” family.

This film draws attention to the flamboyant and ridiculous side of homosexuality and the callous attitudes of those who consider themselves above moral reproof. The use of obscene props and art, phallic humor, nudity, and bad language, will shock many viewers as it demonstrates the moral struggle between the homosexual and straight cultures.