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What You Need To Know:

THE INNOCENT tells the story of a naive British circuitry expert and his affair with an emotionally needy German woman named Maria. Set in post WWII Berlin, the movie is immoral and involves spying, adultery, murder, and betrayal.


(FR, LL, VV, SS, NN, A, M) Non-Christian worldview; 7 blasphemies, 3 profanities, 10 obscenities, & 6 vulgarities; fist fight, a brutal murder & implications of sawing up a man's murdered body; adulterous affair shown in 4 implied sexual liaisons; 2 scenes of partial upper female nudity & one brief scene of total male nudity; alcohol use & abuse depicted; and, smoking.

More Detail:

THE INNOCENT is a suspenseful spy thriller which pits West against East. The story is set in 1950’s Berlin and told by Leonard, a British army circuitry expert brought to divided Berlin in 1955 to spy on the Russian sector. Placed under American intelligence officer, Bob Glass, Leonard taps into the Russian communication wires linking Moscow to Berlin. During the tour of duty, Leonard meets Maria. Leonard is instantly smitten by her, who, he later discovers, is married to Otto. Maria is using the affair to pry confidential information from Leonard. When they are confronted by a drunken Otto, Maria kills Otto. Afraid that police will not believe it was self-defense, Leonard and Maria cut up the body and hide the parts. Instead of being caught, the story takes an unexpected turn, and Leonard is sent back to Great Britain.

Lust and betrayal are intermixed in this somewhat formula movie. The film does not seem worthy of Anthony Hopkins acting expertise, and the plot suffers from confusing tertiary stories. Flawed by adultery, murder and theft, the movie does not portray an honest, much less Biblical view of humanity, plus THE INNOCENT fails to show the effects that adultery, murder and theft have on our behavior and souls.