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What You Need To Know:

In UNLAWFUL ENTRY, Ray Liotta plays an obsessed, out-of-control cop, Pete Davis, who terrorizes a young married couple (Kurt Russell and Madeleine Stowe). Davis does everything in his power to separate the couple so he can have the wife all to himself. Everything builds to a predictable, bloody climax. UNLAWFUL ENTRY is a poorly produced film filled with graphic sex, obscene language and senseless violence.


(LLL, NNN, SSS, VVV) Approximately 40 obscenities & 10 profanities, graphic violence (shootings, beatings, woman held at knife point), male and female nudity, explicit bedroom scene, and explicit fornication.

More Detail:

Steely blue-eyed Ray Liotta plays an out-of-control cop in director Jonathan Kaplan’s UNLAWFUL ENTRY. It is another movie cut out of the CAPE FEAR mold, only this time it is a policeman who is terrorizing a young married couple. However, Kaplan has none of Martin Scorsese’s directorial skills to make UNLAWFUL ENTRY even interesting. The film doesn’t involve you, it only infuriates you with its predictability and unsavory treatment of policemen. In the film, Liotta is LAPD police officer Pete Davis, who arrives at the home of Michael and Karen Carr (Kurt Russell and Madeleine Stowe), who have reported a break-in. Immediately, Officer Davis is attracted to Karen and will stop at nothing to have her all to himself.

UNLAWFUL ENTRY is the kind of movie America does not need, especially now when racial wounds are fresh. Ray Liotta, so good in GOODFELLAS, is wasted in UNLAWFUL ENTRY. Kurt Russell survives this fiasco best of all with a believable performance, while Stowe, who reminds one of a young Jane Alexander, has little to do except look frightened. Overall, UNLAWFUL ENTRY is a predictable cinematic mess that gives our brave blue knights another undeserved black eye.