"Mean, Self-Righteous, Ignorant, and Politically Correct"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

WHATEVER WORKS is perhaps Woody Allen’s meanest, most self-righteous and most political movie. The story is narrated by a retired, misanthropic physicist in New York, Boris Yellnikoff. Boris spends his days complaining about the state of the world. Against his better judgment, he takes in a young homeless Christian girl from Mississippi, Melody. Melody is led away from her faith by his pseudo-intellectual nihilistic outlook on life. Eventually, they marry. This does not please her Christian mother who suddenly shows up in the city. Eventually, however, even the mother gives up her faith when she is seduced by two of Boris’s friends.

WHATEVER WORKS not only is Woody Allen’s most politically correct movie, it’s also his most anti-Christian. Allen has always shown himself to be a typical myopic, muddle-headed New York liberal. This movie cements his reputation as a liberal, lamebrain loon. The movie is also incredibly self-righteous. It gives off an air of smug, superior pseudo-intellectual wit. In reality, however, it’s Woody Allen trying to be Michael Moore, another leftist loon. WHATEVER WORKS probably will make less money than any of his other movies, if liberals don’t embrace it.


(RoRoRo, PCPCPC, AbAbAb, HHH, HoHo, LLL, V, SS, NN, A, D, MM) Very strong Romantic worldview with very strong liberal politically correct, anti-Christian message and very strong humanist nihilism often expressed that includes false, bigoted statements about conservatives and the National Rifle Association, plus strong pro-homosexual content; eight obscenities, nine strong profanities and 21 light profanities; light slapstick violence; strong sexual content includes woman lives with two male lovers, adultery, implied sex, and a Christian man is shown to be a latent homosexual who meets his male “companion” in a bar; ; brief upper female nudity and rear nudity; alcohol use; smoking; and, strong moral relativism, fatalism, and man expresses falsehoods about sociopolitical rivals.

More Detail:

WHATEVER WORKS is perhaps Woody Allen’s meanest, most self-righteous and most politically correct movie. It’s also his most Anti-Christian movie, in the sense of being his most hateful movie. As such, it deserves comparison to the Anti-Semitic rants that Hitler’s National Socialists use to make.

Allen has always shown himself to be a typical myopic, muddle-headed New York liberal. This movie cements his reputation as a liberal, lamebrain loon.

The movie opens outside as a group of fiftysomething friends seated around a restaurant table discuss the state of the world. The camera immediately focuses on the misanthropic, fatalistic statements of Boris Yellnikoff, a retired physicist. His friends encourage Boris to tell them his story. Boris starts talking to the movie audience and does just that.

One day Boris, a widower, takes pity on a homeless young white woman, Melody, who has come to New York City to be an actress. Melody takes every sarcastic comment by Boris literally. Soon, she becomes a devotee of his anti-religious and even anti-Christian misanthropic, gloomy rants, even though her mother is a devout Christian. Eventually, Melody falls in love with Boris, and he agrees to marry her, even though he is very skeptical about romantic relationships.

[Spoilers follow] Things seem to be going very well, however, until Melody’s straitlaced Christian mother, Marietta, shows up. Marietta has left her husband, who cheated on her with her best friend. Marietta disapproves of Boris in more ways than just his atheist philosophy. Soon, however, she too is leaving Christianity behind and shacking up with two of his friends.

Eventually, Marietta successfully breaks up her daughter’s marriage to Boris. Boris, however, unexpectedly finds someone new. Meanwhile, Melody’s father shows up and discovers that he’s really homosexual.

The movie ends with all the couples and Marietta’s ménage a trois celebrating their “liberated” sexual lifestyles while Boris muses on the vagaries of chance. He decides that there are no rules to love or life. “Whatever works” is his motto.

WHATEVER WORKS is full of overt, self-righteous attacks on religion, Christianity, traditional morality, and conservatives. It is an abhorrent, irrational, mindless, indulgent comedy, one of the worst movies made by a lamebrain liberal loon. Just because the loon’s name is Woody Allen doesn’t ensure any intelligence. In fact, the protagonist erroneously states that Judaism and Christianity teach that people are inherently good. This is one of the most ignorant, mistaken statements ever uttered by a liberal. Contrary to this statement, it is liberals and leftists who usually believe that people are inherently good. That’s why they trust government and socialist policies more than conservatives. Maybe next time Mr. Allen should do some real, actual research on religion, Christianity and the Bible before he puts such ignorant, misleading statements in the mouths of one of his characters. Don’t expect any intelligence or truthfulness from a liberal such as this, however, especially if they happen to be called Woody Allen.