Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

MY COUSIN VINNY turns out to be an hilarious comedy as New York attorney Vinny Gambini travels to Beechum County, Alabama, to defend his cousin Bill and friend Stan on a murder charge. Unfortunately, the language is very offensive with at least 50 obscenities and 15 profanities; and, Vinny and his fiancee, Lisa, sleep together although they are not yet married (but there is no fornication or nudity shown).


(LLL, V, SS, M) Over 50 obscenities & 15 profanities; brief violence in striking person; implied sexual immorality, but no fornication or nudity shown (couple living together); and, theft.

More Detail:

MY COUSIN VINNY opens with Bill Gambini and his friend, Stan, buying groceries in a Sac o’ Suds convenience store in Alabama. On the way out, Bill steals a can of tuna. In the car, they joke about the tuna until a policeman pulls them over. Soon, they discover that they are being held for the clerk’s murder at the Sac o’ Suds whereupon Bill contacts his family’s lawyer, Vinny Gambini, to defend them. The fun begins as Vinny and his fiancee, Lisa, arrive in Wazoo, Alabama, in their beat-up New York car and with their obvious Brooklyn dress, speech and mannerisms. Vinny’s ignorance and talking back to the judge puts him in contempt of court: three times! Things really heat up for Bill and Stan as three “eye witnesses” against them are brought forward at the trial. In an amazing turn of events, Cousin Vinny comes through for them.

MY COUSIN VINNY is really a funny movie. The acting was quite good, with Pesci and Tomei playing their roles to the hilt as jaded, but naive, Brooklynites. Be forewarned, however, the language is very offensive, and Vinny and Lisa, although engaged, sleep together (but there is no fornication or nudity shown). In the final analysis, this movie will be more entertaining when it is edited for television.

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