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ROCK DOG is about Bodi, a Tibetan Mastiff born to be a Guard Dog, but destined to be a Rock Dog. He struggles to find his place in the village of sheep he’s supposed to guard one day. However, his love isn’t for fighting, it’s for music. So, when a radio drops from the sky and shows him the way, and his father allows it, he takes the opportunity. Bodi heads off to the big city to find Rock Legend Angus Scattergood to try and convince him to give him music lessons. However, danger of a wolf attack is just around the corner. Eventually, Bodi must find his true calling in order to protect the ones he loves.

ROCK DOG is funny and charming with an interesting story and engaging characters. There are some humanist overtones, but ultimately it has positive moral messages of taking responsibility for your actions, doing the right thing and leaning on family. ROCK DOG depicts some problems with anger issues and includes some slapstick comedy and potentially scary scenes. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children.


(BB, H, Pa, L, V, A, M) Strong moral worldview of taking responsibility for your actions, the power of family, and the importance of hard work and protecting your loved ones, with light possible humanist overtones of just being yourself and finding your own power, and pagan elements with Eastern monk and temple; one use of “bloody”; some potentially frightening scenes of wolves attacking sheep, animals are supposed to box to the death but that doesn’t happen, tranquilizer darts are shot but no lasting damage is done, it’s implied scissors are shoved up rear end; no nudity but silhouette of sheep showering is shown; light and brief alcohol content; no smoking or drugs; and, light stealing, people occasionally lie, light disrespect of father, implied desire for revenge but shown as bad, man is egotistical and selfish, man has anger issues, kidnapping occasionally occurs.

More Detail:

The animated movie, ROCK DOG brings us to the village of Snow Mountain- a paradise where the sheep all work together in harmony. Their only purpose in life is to make wool and music. They only know one song, but that doesn’t keep them from enjoying it.

Everything changes when the wolves attack the village and threaten the safety of everyone inside it. What the wolves don’t count on is the village guard dog, Khampa, a Tibetan Mastiff born with great power which he uses to overcome the enemy and protect the sheep. The wolves flee, defeated for now, but the fear of them returning haunts Khampa. He believes music is the distraction that made everything go wrong, so he locks all the instruments away in a shed so they can focus on more important things:  the safety of the village.

Khampa’s son, Bodi, also has his father’s power, one which is only unlocked when passion rises within the holder of the power. Bodi is destined to take his father’s place one day, but there’s a problem:  Bodi isn’t mean spirited or vicious, and he has no passion against the wolves. His passion is for music, and he wishes that he could free the locked up instruments.

When a radio falls from the sky right in front of Bodi, he finds the music of Rock Legend Angus Scattergood and discovers a beauty in music he had never experienced before as well as a passion he’s never felt. He hears a piece of advice from Angus that he takes to heart:  never stop playing. His father takes some convincing, but after a while Bodi is sent off to the big city with his father’s blessing to find his calling as a musician.

However, the wolf lookouts see Bodi leaving the village and report to their boss, Linnux. They are ordered to bring Bodi back so that they can defeat Khampa once and for all and gain control of Snow Mountain. Bodi is blissfully unaware and is naively making friends while trying to make his way in the world. Eventually, Bodi must discover his true calling in life and protect those he loves.

ROCK DOG has charming and humorous characters with a positive family message and shows the power of working together in unity. It also does a good job showing the importance of taking responsibility for your actions and always trying to do the right thing.

The movie has a light pagan aspect with the mentor being a monk who has a temple, but this isn’t a major theme. There is also a light humanist overtone of being accepted for who you are and finding your own power, but the movie also shows the importance of leaning on family and doing the right thing. Some aspects of the movie were occasionally cheesy and unrealistic but overall the movie was engaging with witty dialogue and positive moral points. ROCK DOG depicts some problems with anger issues and includes some slapstick comedy and potentially scary scenes. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children.

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