Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

SALUT COUSIN! is a film that deals with the immigrant experience, of the different lives of two cousins who spent some days together in Paris on a work assignment. While basically well-made with a moral fiber, the story is too simplistic and lacks a more sophisticated plot beyond the expected and the predictable. It also has some foul language, extraneous sex scenes and nudity.


(FR, B, LLL, V, SS, NNN, A, D, M) Non-Christian worldview with Islamic elements & moral elements showing integrity of character; 38 vulgarities, 24 obscenities & 4 profanities with 4 positive mentions of God in an Islamic context; some violence with hoodlums threatening girl in phone booth, a young man is beaten up, man thrown down the stairs, & boxing; 1 implied sexual situation & promiscuity; stripping with full female nudity & pornography; cigarette smoking; social drinking; and, miscellaneous immorality with stealing, gambling, borrowing & owing money, lying, & marriage scam

More Detail:

SALUT COUSIN! shows the immigrant experience through the meeting of two cousins. Alilo arrives from Algeria on a work assignment and meets up with cousin Mok , a slick, slang-talking, rapper who is dreaming of making it big. Alilo soon sees through Mok’s facade of living the “dream’ in Paris, and uncovers the many lies that Mok lives. This insight however does not stop Alilo from uncovering his own discoveries from living in the big city, including falling in love and sexual liberation. It is through a twist of events that Mok and Alilo each confront their unexpected change of status.

There are Islamic elements in the film as a backdrop for the cultural ways of the Algerians. There is a strong moral fiber to the story since Alilo does not succumb to the lures of the big city and represents the conscience and integrity that his cousin Mok lacks. The film is well crafted, and its characters likable. The story, however, is too simplistic. Beyond the longings for the old land, the story does not serve up much in terms of plot and character development. There is also a use of strong language in the subtitles, some action violence and unnecessary sexual situations involving a striptease act and full female nudity.

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