"Playboy Promotion"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

THE HOUSE BUNNY tells the story of Shelley Darlingson, a Playboy Bunny who becomes housemother to the socially clueless girls of Zeta Alpha Zeta sorority. After being kicked out of the Playboy mansion by a rival, Shelley teaches the sorority girls how to be pretty on the outside and attract the opposite sex, as a means of saving their dwindling sorority house. Unless they can sign a new pledge class during rush week, the seven socially clueless women will lose their house to the crafty girls of Phi Lota Mu.

THE HOUSE BUNNY is just another tool being used by the Playboy franchise to promote the immorality of the Sexual Revolution, as a means of finding personal fulfillment and discovering the “beautiful you” on the inside. Although the filmmakers attempt to add values in the last few minutes, they fail to make up for the pervasive sexual messages in the rest of it. Also, the movie suffers from a poorly written script and the acting is not believable. True beauty is found only in Christ. It is only through him that we each discover the person He created us to be.


(RoRoRo, PaPa, Ho, LLL, V, SS, NN, AA, D, MMM) Very strong Romantic worldview with strong pagan elements, including virgin girl gets “sacrificed” to a JELL-O Gelatin volcano, plus light homosexual references or innuendoes; 17 obscenities, 11 light profanities, other crude language, and a reference to passing gas; light crude violence such as cat attacks man, girl bites man, sign drops on girl’s head, girl burns her legs after standing over a manhole, girl falls over table and hits her head, girl twists man’s nipples, and girl gets punched in the chest; multiple blatant sexual references such as boys crudely say that they want to “get with” girl, implied oral sex, girl is excited about “losing her virginity,” old man’s pacemaker goes off when he sees provocatively dressed girls, multiple scenes of men drooling over suggestively dressed girls, girls suggestively pose for calendar photos, light homosexual reference about men who want to have conversations must be homosexual, provocative dancing where women slap each other’s backsides, man in jail is a cross-dressing prostitute, and multiple minor sexual references; rear female nudity depicted from behind, partial rear female nudity, multiple scenes of girls in bikinis, very short dresses and shorts, bare midriffs, female cleavage depicted throughout entire movie, upper male nudity depicted, partial female frontal nudity from the waste down with certain parts covered by strategically placed objects, young pregnant woman squeegees her belly during car wash, woman in underwear, woman stands over manhole as her dress gets blown upwards, and unmarried college coed is pregnant; depicted alcohol use in bar and at a party, plus talk about having been drunk; light reference to rape drug; very strong miscellaneous immorality such as women in jail are prostitutes, main character says “feeling good on the inside is all about looking good on the outside,” light masochism depicted with manservant in Playboy mansion, lying, deception, negative view of virginity, lives of Playboy playmates are equated with living a “fairy tale” life.

More Detail:

THE HOUSE BUNNY tells the story of Shelley Darlingson, a Playboy Bunny who teaches a bunch of social misfits how to be pretty on the outside, attract the opposite sex and thereby save their failing sorority house.

Shelley, played by Anna Faris, is living a carefree “fairy-tale” life until a rival Bunny gets her tossed out of the Playboy Mansion. In her woeful wanderings, she happens upon the sorority girls from Zeta Alpha Zeta. Unless they can sign a new pledge class during rush week, the seven socially clueless women will lose their house to the crafty girls of Phi Lota Mu. In order to accomplish their goal, they need Shelley to be their new housemother and teach them how to look good and to “get” men. In the end, Shelley’s assistance, culled from her experiences as a Playboy Bunny, enables the girls to get enough pledges to help their sorority house stay open.

THE HOUSE BUNNY is just another tool being used by the Playboy franchise to promote sexuality as a means of discovering the “beautiful you” on the inside, otherwise called the Sexual Revolution. Disturbingly, this movie is being geared toward teenage audiences. The surface content alone is enough to warrant caution without even mentioning the pervasive sexual messages or the poor production quality.

The filmmakers do attempt to redeem some of the content at the end of this movie by having the main character Shelley say, “If everything you have is based on looks, then you have nothing.” Even in this, however, they fail miserably. Not only does the movie suffer from a poorly written script lacking ingenuity and sincere character development, but the acting falls flat and leaves much to be desired from these up and coming young Hollywood stars.

During the screening of this movie, it was saddening to hear the raucous laughter of the audience in their enjoyment of what was being presented to them. Even more unsettling was the cheering of the male audience members as the ending credits started to role.

The messages in HOUSE BUNNY are damaging for all audiences, especially for young girls who are in the delicate stage of their lives where they are discovering what it means to be truly beautiful and unique. The movie’s portrayal of beauty is completely secular and devoid of what God has to say about being truly beautiful. Proverbs 31:30 says, “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” (NIV). Perfect and wholesome beauty is found only in Christ. As Psalm 50:2 states, “From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth” (NIV). It is important for girls to understand that beauty as the world defines it is merely a shadow of the real thing – the true beauty that comes from God and God alone.

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