Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:


A few obscenities, profanities; and, violence, murder and gun play

More Detail:

Set in the fictitious African country of Rutanga, Bo Petersen, a U.S. government attache, travels to a village where he finds burned human bodies that apparently have been killed by illegal chemical weapons. Going back to his hotel, he meets Kate, an attractive American freelance journalist, and her ten-year-old son, Matthew.

Petersen consults with another government agent, who informs him that an East German defector is planning to escape with information that will expose a fertilizer factory as a chemical weapons plant. However, the defector panics and, attempting escape, is pursued by Assad, a steely-eyed Libyan and head of security.

A deadly chase ensues that is joined by Petersen. Assad’s men lose the defector on a local bus, giving him time to plant a computer-tape cassette surreptitiously among Matthew’s collection, who happens to be on the bus with Kate. The bus crashes, and the defector is killed. Kate, Matthew and the others are brought to a deserted farmhouse.

Wounded and unable to keep pace, Matthew is cast into the wilderness where he is befriended by !XAO, a bushman who takes a liking to him even though they can’t communicate. When Assad figures out that Matthew has the tape, he pursues him. Petersen then arrives at the farmhouse, kills the guards and heads after Matthew and Assad.

One of the better elements of this entertaining film is the performance of Arnold Vosloo (Assad) as one of the most evil, sinister bad guys ever to appear on screen. His look is menacing, and a sharp contrast to the handsome hero (David Dukes as Petersen).

Unfortunately, THE RUTANGA TAPES does contain a few obscenities and profanities, in addition to violence, murder and gun play. Therefore, the film receives an strong caution for mature audiences.

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