"Today is Good, TOMORROWLAND Is Not"

Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

Casey is a brilliant teenager interested in space who receives a pin that takes her to the future. She wants to find TOMORROWLAND. After Casey finds the pin, she goes to a store that might help her. When she arrives, the storeowners question her. When she realizes they know the value of it, she tries to run, but they lock the doors and start shooting. All of a sudden a little girl named Athena saves Casey. Athena takes Casey to the one person who can help her get to Tomorrowland, Frank. Frank is now a curmudgeon who doesn’t want to help Casey. Will Casey get to Tomorrowland?

TOMORROWLAND is mostly spectacle, with a convoluted plotline, violence and has a humanist worldview. The movie implies that humans have the ability to control their destinies. Thus, if people think positively they will have a positive outcome, but if they think negatively, they will have a negative outcome. The special effects are first class, but the first hour is just building the story, with no mention of the goal. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for TOMORROWLAND.


(HH, Pa, FR, EE, L, VV, S, M) Strong humanist worldview where people create their destiny, with no mention of the supernatural, a false belief in mind over matter and some other pagan content concerning a Cherokee myth about the origin of good versus evil, plus strong environmentalist content and comments, including global warming shown and mentioned; five light obscenities, three profanities; strong violence including robots who look like humans with woman and man’s head gets cut off and little girl holds up head, woman and man shoot at young girls, man’s hand gets cut off, main teenage girl beats man in the head with a bat, young girl gets hit by a car going at high speed, girl falls down stairs, men fist fight, young girl martial art fights with man and woman; no sexual content but implied relationship between George Clooney’s character and a young girl, though Clooney’s character loved the girl as a child, and he still feels sad at an older age that she never reciprocated, and the young girl finally tells him she loved him though the age gap is multiple decades; no nudity; no drinking or alcohol use; no smoking or drugs; and, teenage girl lies, family with a single parent.

More Detail:

Casey is a brilliant teenager, who is interested in space. When she receives a pin that takes her to the future, she feels the urge to find the way back to TOMORROWLAND. TOMORROWLAND is mostly spectacle, with a convoluted plotline, violence and a humanist worldview supporting magical thinking and mind over matter.

George Clooney plays Frank Walker, a man who was once very interested in space. As a young child, Frank was optimistic about the future. Frank decides to enter the World Fair with his jet pack that almost works but doesn’t quite. When Frank is presenting it to one of the judges, David Nix, a little girl named Athena sees the presentation. Athena is around Frank’s age, and quickly decides she likes him, gives him a pin, and tells him to follow her. Doing just that, Frank puts on the pin and secretly follows her, is transported to the future.

Years pass, and Casey Newtown is driving a motorcycle to a NASA launch site at night. Cleverly getting over the barbwire and past the security, Casey is able to tamper with the launch site. It is not long before she’s caught and put in jail. When her father bails her out, she goes to take her belongings and comes across the same pin that Frank had. Each time she touches it, she goes to the future.

Casey is able to return home, but does research on the pin and finds collectors in Texas. When she goes to see them, she finds out that the pin is extremely valuable, and they try to kill her. Suddenly, Athena shows up, still the same little girl who had met Frank years and years before, and defends Casey. The shop collectors turn out to be robots and not long after even more robots, who look just like humans, come to find Athena and Casey. The two steal a car and start driving to where Frank lives now.

The robots are still after Athena and Casey, and Athena ends up being run over by a truck. The driver gets out of the truck to see Athena, and Casey steals it. Athena gets up from being hit and runs to catch up with Casey, and the two eventually make their way to Frank’s house.

When they arrive, Frank refuses to let Casey inside. Athena had told Casey that Frank was her only way back to the future called Tomorrowland. Will Frank work with Casey to get back? Will the robots take Casey?

The filmmakers of TOMORROWLAND seem to put all their energy into the movie’s spectacle elements rather than the story, creating a convoluted plot. Also, the beginning is a flashback of one character, then you get to another character and another flashback occurs. The first hour is building the movie, and there is no mention of what the goal is, until about an hour or more into the movie. Also, it seems as if the movie has included every stereotypical element of science fiction in order to try to appeal to that market with very little original concepts. The hero of the movie does not do anything heroic. She’s just supposed to be brilliant and creative, yet not once does she create anything. This is unfortunate because Walt Disney’s original concept for Imagineering and the future at Disneyland supported creativity and original thought, so this movie really missed the boat when it comes to that.

TOMORROWLAND has a humanist worldview. The movie implies that humans have the ability to control their destinies. Thus, if people think positively, they will have a positive outcome, but if they think negatively they will have a negative outcome. The main character keeps referencing the Cherokee legend stating that we each have wolves inside us, a good wolf and a bad wolf, and the one that wins is the one you feed. The movie is also too violent for children. At one point, the main character is hitting someone in the head with a bat, though it is supposedly an android robot, it’s in the form of a human. Younger children may not make the distinction that Casey is not hitting a real human; they will just see the visual action and imitate it. Also, a young girl is hit by a car going a fast speed, but she too is supposedly a robot. When the young girl kills two robots, who look like humans, their heads come off their bodies, and she holds up the heads. Overall, Movieguide® advises extreme caution.