5 military weapons Stark Industries would love to have

Stark Industries produces some of the best military grade weapons out there, but its competitors aren’t too far behind.

1. RQ-4 Global Hawk

HawkThis unmanned aerial vehicle can fly for 28 hours straight and has a range of 8,700 miles. It can read a license plate from 3 miles away.

2. A-10 Warthog

This plane bullets can rip right through an enemy tank.

3. HK 416

HK416This is the ultimate AR-15 style rifle. Built to withstand the demands of the battlefield.

4. RPG-7

RPG-7These rocket propelled grenade launchers can take down helicopters and tanks. Extremely dangerous in the hands of the wrong person.

5. Harrier Jet

The only jet fighter that can take off and land vertically. You know you want one.