The Value of a Christian College Education

The Value of a Christian College Education

With the increasing costs of higher education, many students and parents are asking, “Why should we pay for a Christian college education when we have public college options that would be less expensive?”

Truthfully, the sticker price of Christian colleges can be shocking; however, with all of the scholarships, grants, and other financial aid available, the financial costs of a Christian education can be very similar to public colleges. The true costs of not attending a Christian college are much higher when one considers the implications on the student’s future.

During the college years, the majority of students are faced with challenging decisions. The National Study of College Students’ Search for Meaning and Purpose found that while 79 percent of all college freshmen believe in God; 57% question their religious beliefs, 52% disagree with their parents about religious matters and 65% feel distant from God. Students are seeking answers to deep questions, while being away from their parents and church support. Where will they turn for answers?

A Washington Post article by Howard Kurtz, titled “Study Finds College Faculties a Most Liberal Lot,” reports that in most cases, students reflect the values of college faculty they encounter, because these faculty are their advisors and mentors. The study found that most faculty at Non-Christian colleges disdain Christianity, with 72% indicating they are liberal, 84% favoring abortion, and 67% indicating homosexuality is acceptable.1 At Non-Christian schools, these are the values behind the answers students receive to the important questions they are asking.

According to Steve Henderson, nearly 25 years of research shows that as a result, those who do not attend a Christ-centered college will experience a decline in religious values, attitudes and behaviors during college.1

At Bryan College, we believe that a thoroughly Christian college education is priceless. An education that combines acquiring wisdom with “sharpening the blade” of a student’s God-given gifts and talents is a powerful combination that provides a solid foundation for becoming the “Difference Makers” God intends each of us to be. Built on the motto, “Christ Above All,” Bryan College provides a safe and supportive environment with faculty and staff exemplifying the motto in everything they do.

“Only God’s wisdom is timeless – able to provide every generation with the foundation of truth for living,” said Bryan College President Stephen D. Livesay. “Many in today’s secular progressive culture either choose to ignore or are unaware of our Creator God’s wisdom. They are building their lives on the ever-changing and unstable foundation that comes from the wisdom of this world. This wisdom says, for example, that Christian higher education is irrational, because it is not aligned with the wisdom of science and humanistic philosophy. This wisdom perceives us as discriminating against human rights when we hold to godly standards of morality and sexuality.”

Bryan College provides students with not only a high-quality education, but prepares them for life after college. Generous institutional aid and low net-cost make Bryan College an affordable option for a Christian education.

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